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‘M3GAN’ Scores Streaming Gains for David Guetta & Sia’s ‘Titanium’

The horror hit also inspired Sia to release a new version of her 2011 breakthrough single.

The month of M3GAN — the camp-horror film starring a robot doll who’s more sinister than she first appears — marches on, with winning box office receipts and a newly announced sequel. Meanwhile, M3GAN is slicing her way into the music world as well, with a mini-revival of David Guetta and Sia’s 2011 hit “Titanium.”

Midway through the film (minor spoiler), M3GAN croons the pre-chorus and hook of “Titanium” to comfort Cady (played by Violet McGraw), her human companion, after a traumatic incident. The out-of-nowhere serenade makes for one of the more memorable moments in M3GAN, and theatergoers have sought out the original version of “Titanium” — as well as a new, stripped-down take on the song, cleverly dubbed “Megan’s V3rsion,” that Sia released days after the film’s Jan. 6 premiere.


During the film’s first full week of release, the original “Titanium” rose 4.6% in weekly U.S. on-demand streams, to 1.6 million, according to Luminate. “Titanium” originally peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became a commercial breakthrough in the U.S. for Sia, as the acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter would go on to find solo success with hits like “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills.”

On Jan. 9, Sia, sensing a M3GAN-led revival of the song, unveiled “Titanium (Megan’s V3rsion),” a piano rework that recalls M3GAN’s demon-doll balladry (although, sadly, does not feature any of her vocals). “Megan’s V3rsion” has earned 226,000 U.S. on-demand streams to date, a figure that’s separate from the streams of the original “Titanium,” according to Luminate.

While M3GAN creeps toward a $100 million global box office gross, a sequel, titled M3GAN 2.0, was announced with a Jan. 17, 2025 release date. If the character of M3GAN is simply a Sia fan, which single does she belt out in the sequel? “Wild Ones”? “Elastic Heart”? We’ll find out in two years.