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Italian Composer Luca D’Alberto Secures Apple And Wimbledon Synch Deals

Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Luca D'Alberto who is signed to neo-classical label 7K! has secured two major synch deals.

Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Luca D’Alberto who is signed to neo-classical label 7K!, has secured two major synch deals only two weeks after the release of his debut album Endless

7K! and his management company !K7 were instrumental in securing the deals for D’Alberto. “We are delighted to land these prominent and high profile synch deals for Luca” says Horst Weidenmüller of !K7 and 7K!. “To secure such great results for an artist on their first album so soon after release is especially rewarding for us.” 

Composed and performed by D’Alberto, “Wait For Me” is featured in a promotional video for Wimbledon 2017 titled, “In Pursuit of Greatness: A Year in the Making” that features Rodger Federer.


Another one of D’Alberto’s beautiful compositions “Her Dreams,” is used in an Apple promotional video which plays more like a short film, for the Memories feature on the IPhone 7 titled “The Archives.” 


Scoring an Apple synch is notable for an artist working in the classical genre. “It was great to work on these pieces, because these videos aren’t simply adverts, but beautifully-made artistic pieces,” D’Alberto explained. “When I compose I always have a short film in my mind, visualizing what is impossible to say in words.”

Both “Wait For Me” and “Her Dreams” are featured on the debut album Endless which was composed, arranged and played by D’Alberto. The violin, viola, violectra, cello and piano create “sonically opulent vivid, wonder-evoking pieces conveying wintry, widescreen panoramas and a propulsive arpeggio-fueled energy.”

Watch Luca D’Alberto’s music videos for “Endless”, “Wait For Me” and a live performance of “Her Dreams” below: