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YouTuber Lohanthony Hits Top Five on Dance Chart, Talks Social Success: ‘It’s Just So Crazy’

When Anthony Quintal (aka YouTuber Lohanthony) first started making videos on his parents' computer at 9-years-old, little did he know that he would become an online star, boasting more than 1.5…

When Anthony Quintal (aka YouTuber Lohanthony) first started making videos on his parents’ computer at 9-years-old, little did he know that he would become an online star, boasting more than 1.5 million YouTube followers and 1.65 million Twitter followers. 

He went viral in 2012 with a 10-second clip of himself swinging his leg around, repeatedly saying “calling all the basic bitches.” It has collected nearly 3 million views. (It was even spoofed earlier this year by supermodel Kate Moss and designer Marc Jacobs.)

“Sometimes you forget that there are so many people behind the screen and that there are people actually watching videos,” Quintal tells Billboard. “It’s just so crazy.”

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Now, the 16-year-old — who still posts regularly to his YouTube channel — has ventured into the music world, after signing a deal with the label Heard Well (co-founded by fellow YouTube star Connor Franta) to release a personally curated album titled Landscapes: A Music Compilation by Lohanthony. The set — which features acts like Little Boots, Gallant and Chloe Martini — debuts at No. 3 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart dated Oct. 3, and also bows at No. 12 on the Compilation Albums tally. It sold a little over 1,000 copies in the week ending Sept. 17, according to Nielsen Music.

Heard Well claims it is the “first music label powered by social tastemakers,” and has so far only signed YouTubers with millions of followers. Franta launched the label in July with talent manager Andrew Graham and entrepreneur Jeremy Wineberg. A month later, Franta’s latest compilation, Common Culture 3, reached No. 3 on the Compilation Albums chart.

Quintal says putting his album together “was such a fun process. Choosing the tracks in the compilation was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I always find music every week,” Quintal says. “I already had a huge, huge folder of artists that I wanted to put a spotlight on, so I narrowed it down to 30 different artists, different songs, different albums.”

Quintal says that he wanted to make sure every song was uplifting and positive before it made the final album. He said his followers appreciate his taste of music and love how he is shedding light on artists who deserve attention.

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“Anthony has always had great taste in music,” Graham says. “His brand has been welded to pop culture and music since the beginning. It was a no-brainer to bring Anthony’s unique taste in sort of an alliance with Heard Well. The compilation is so hot.”