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Logic Partners With Twitch for Exclusive Livestreaming Deal

Logic's contract marks Twitch's first official music creator partnership, as the platform invests further in non-gaming content.

Logic may have announced his retirement from music, but he’s not ready to leave fans’ screens just yet. The rapper has signed an exclusive contract with livestreaming platform Twitch, which will see him streaming a mix of music and gaming content weekly on his Twitch channel.

Logic initially confirmed the first-of-its-kind contract in an interview with The Verge, which reports that the deal is worth seven figures. His partnership will kick off on July 21 with the livestreamed premiere of what he claims to be his final album, No Pressure, ahead of the album’s official release on July 24.

While Twitch has traditionally focused on the gaming community, the platform has been courting DJs and musicians for years, and has seen rapid growth in non-gaming content amid the coronavirus crisis. Twitch’s music vertical logged 17 million hours watched in April — a massive 385% jump year-over year — according to a recent report by software developer StreamElements and analytics company Arsenal.


“The Twitch community brings this amazing group energy that you don’t really get anywhere else,” Logic said in a Twitch press release announcing the deal. “It’s something that we crave as artists but has been especially hard to come across the last few months. I want my Twitch channel to be a place of creation but also collaboration, and I know the Twitch community is going to love what we’ve got planned. I’m stoked to be able to work with the team at Twitch and open up my world to fans in this way.”

Logic’s contract marks Twitch’s first official music creator partnership, mimicking exclusivity deals with popular gaming streamers like Ben “DrLupo” Lupo and Imane “Pokimane” Anys, who livestream their gaming sessions for thousands of viewers. Twitch offers creators several options for monetization, including ads and subscriptions; streamers who are deemed “affiliates” (after passing a certain threshold of followers and hours streamed) split subscription revenue 50/50 with Twitch, while the higher tier, “partners,” reportedly rake in around 70% of revenue.

“Logic embodies the evolution of Creators that we’ve seen over the last few years on Twitch. He came to Twitch as a gamer but understands the value of the Twitch community and how our passionate and engaged audience can also connect with and support his music,” said Twitch senior vp and head of music Mike Olson. “This type of streaming partnership is new for Twitch but speaks to what is happening on the service with our growth across non-gaming content, and particularly the massive interest we’re seeing within music.”