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Lil Pump Released From Juvenile Detention Center With Ankle Monitor Following Gun Arrest

Following his arrest for firing a handgun into a door, TMZ caught up with Lil Pump leaving court with an ankle monitor. The 17-year-old hit the reporter with a classic, "Eskedit," before driving off…

Lil Pump was arrested on Wednesday (Feb. 14) after firing off a handgun into the door of his California home. When police originally arrived to the scene, Pump and his manager tried to convince law enforcement an intruder attempted to break into his house and ended up shooting through the door. Local police allegedly found evidence to the contrary and ended up arresting the “Gucci Gang” artist.

Since Pump is just 17-years-old, he was brought into the Sylmar Juvenile Hall in Sylmar, Calif. TMZ caught up with the Florida native after he was discharged from Sylmar Juvenile Court Thursday afternoon (Feb. 15). The “D Rose” artist seemed to be unbothered by his legal issues, as he was in good spirits. 


Lil Pump responded to paparazzi questioning, “Hey man, we got rich lawyers. We got real lawyers — the best lawyers on the planet. Esketit!” He even showed off his new ankle monitor, while turning it into a remix of “Gucci Gang”: “Ayy listen. See my ankle? House arrest, house arrest, house arrest, house arrest,” he rapped. “Popped two Xans and I passed the test, ‘Gucci Gang’ tatted on my fuckin’ chest.”

Check out the footage captured by TMZ of Pump leaving court and speeding off in a red Jeep Wrangler below.