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Lewis Capaldi on Topping Hot 100: ‘I Feel Like America’s Sweetheart … The Sweetest Heart in All of the U.S. of A.’

"America's Sweetheart," Lewis Capaldi's recently adopted Twitter handle, proved prophetic when it comes to the Billboard Hot 100.

“America’s Sweetheart,” Lewis Capaldi‘s recently adopted Twitter handle, proved prophetic when it comes to the Billboard Hot 100.

“I feel like America’s sweetheart, at least for a moment,” Capaldi beamed to Billboard Monday (Oct. 28) upon learning that his breakthrough ballad, “Someone You Loved,” had hit No. 1 on the survey. “I feel like I’m the sweetest heart in all of the U.S. of A.

“I feel like I’m a wrestler, and I’m just walking out [to the ring] and there’s an American flag, and I’m saying, ‘U.S.A! U.S.A.!’ That’s what I feel like, a wrestler.”

“Someone You Loved” takes over atop the Hot 100 (dated Nov. 2) with 105.6 million radio audience impressions, 25.2 million U.S. streams and 24,000 sold in the latest tracking week, according to Nielsen Music. It reigns in the U.S. after conquering multiple global charts, including the Official UK Singles list, for seven weeks beginning in March.

“I have no clue why this piano ballad has done what it’s done,” Capaldi mused. “I never thought we were writing a big song here. I just wrote a song and, thankfully, people seemed to like it.”

Added the 23-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter, who lives with his parents: “I’ll be able to pay the rent for the next few months!”


Capaldi learned of his Hot 100 achievement before going onstage for a concert in Madrid, Spain. His Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent tour continues through Nov. 14 in Helsinki, Finland, before a run of dates in the U.K. beginning on Nov. 16 and in the U.S. starting Dec. 11.

“After [the Finland show], I’m going to go home and get pished. P-i-s-h-e-d. That’s what we call [getting drunk] in the U.K.,” he noted of how he’ll celebrate his chart-topper. “I’ll probably be sick, sick in the toilet. And the next morning I’ll have an upset stomach and I’ll probably be really sad and like, ‘Oh, why am I drinking at all?’

“Then, the following day I’ll be fine again. That’s my plan, and it’ll be lovely.”

You can listen to Capaldi’s full chat with Keith Caulfield and Katie Atkinson on Billboard‘s Pop Shop Podcast, posting Tuesday.