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Lele Pons Throws the Best Quinceañera Party Ever With Google Assistant: Watch

Lele Pons is now she's the best quinceañera party coordinator.

Lele Pons is a multifaceted woman. She sings, dances, performs, conducts TV shows, is a comedian — and now she's the best quinceañera party coordinator, too.

Google has just launched its new Google Assistant campaign, and in it, Pons acts as party coordinator who utilizes the program while she plans. The video shows how the Google Assistant helps Pons coordinate the best fiesta de quince años. Pons chooses her wardrobe for the quinceañera, turns off the light at the right moment, and gets new dancers last minute with the Google Assistant.


But one thing makes the video special: the captions seen throughout. Rather than being a transcript of what Pons talks about, the captions instead show what Pons is really thinking while talking, to hilarious effect.

Watch the full video below.