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Rising Songwriter Lauren Weintraub Signed to Big Machine Music and Brandy Clark’s All BC Music

Lauren Weintraub is the first songwriter signed to Brandy Clark's All BC Music.

Lauren Weintraub is the first songwriter signed to a joint venture between Brandy Clark’s All BC Music and Big Machine Music, which was formed to allow the pair to discover, mentor, sign and develop songwriters.

“I feel honored, excited and incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with a singer-songwriter whose talent blows me away a little more with every new song I hear,” Clark tells Billboard. “I only hope to help encourage and guide Lauren along her own unique artistic path and can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear what we’ve all been discovering.”

News of the signing was announced on Tuesday night (June 11), while Clark performed at the Grammy Museum in Newark, N.J., for a Spotlight session. Massachusetts native Weintraub, 20,  recently won the 2018 Recording Academy/Grammy U contest with her song “Careful Now” and was highlighted by NPR Music after submitting “If You Were Gonna Leave Anyway” for the publication’s Tiny Desk contest.


“I am beyond thrilled about this unique opportunity to work closely with Big Machine Music and Brandy Clark,” Weintraub adds. “To be the first artist signed as a part of this joint venture is extremely special to me and something that I feel so incredibly honored to be a part of as I continue crafting my stories through each song.”

The rising singer-songwriter was first introduced to Big Machine Music’s vice president Alex Heddle and general manager Mike Molinar by steel guitar player Smith Curry.