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Laura Branigan Manager Calls Video of Trump Family Blasting ‘Gloria’ Before Right Wing D.C. Riots ‘Absolutely Appalling’

The legacy manager for 1980s singer Laura Branigan says video purpoting to show the Trump family dancing and listening to "Gloria" before Wednesday's rally in D.C. was "appalling."

As the fallout continues from Wednesday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol building by supporters of President Trump, the legacy manager for late 1980s pop singer Laura Branigan is condemning a video that purports to show the Trump blasting one of her client’s most beloved hits before the violent mob attacked the seat of American democracy.

“It’s absolutely appalling to hear ‘Gloria’ being played in the background of a widely-circulating video of Pres. Trump from yesterday, given the tragic, unsettling, & shameful happenings that occurred at the US Capitol,” tweeted Kathy Golik, the legacy manager for Branigan, who died in 2004 at age 52. Golik was referring to a video that appears to have been shot by Donald Trump Jr. in a backstage tent before the outgoing one-term president took the stage to whip up the crowd, encouraging them to walk down to the Capitol to continue their protest of the election results. A short time later, hundreds of Trump supporters attacked the building in a shocking rampage that has resulted in at least five deaths and bipartisan calls for Trump to either be impeached for a second time or removed from office immediately.


In the clip, Don Jr.’s girlfriend, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, is seen dancing gleefully to Branigan’s No. 2 1982 hit “Gloria,” as Trump, daughter Ivanka and his inner circle check out footage of the crowd amassed for his speech. Don Jr. appears to be wearing the exact same suit and shirt he wore to the rally, where “Gloria” was pumped out to the mostly unmasked crowd as it has been at a number of previous Trump rallies.

A spokesperson for the White House had not returned a request to verify the contents of the video at press time .

In a second tweet, Golik wrote, “It’s very sad & upsetting to see Laura’s beautiful memory & legacy have any association w/ Pres. Trump & such a dark day in US history. Neither Laura, nor her music, deserve any unwarranted fallout due to the actions of others.” When a fan pointed out that Trump has regularly been playing the song at rallies, Golik noted that she’s made multiple public statements about the use of “Gloria” since September when it was played at Trump’s pre-election events, clarifying that “his use of ‘Gloria’ neither implies, nor constitutes, any endorsement of any candidate, & that holds true for use of it when he spoke in GA recently too.”

When another fan thanked Golik for clarifying the situation, lamenting that “I have it stuck in my head now and now the song just reminds me of these toads,” Golik said, “it makes me sad, as it would Laura were she still with us.” Trump’s campaign has repeatedly been condemned by everyone from the Rolling Stones to Adele, Rihanna, Phil Collins, Panic! at the Disco and the estates of Prince and Leonard Cohen for playing their songs at his rallies.


Check out the footage and Golik’s tweets below.