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Lakeshore Records to Release Soundtracks For Tenderfoot Podcasts ‘Radio Rental,’ ‘Up and Vanished’ & More

Tenderfoot TV has partnered with Lakeshore Records to release soundtrack albums for Tenderfoot's popular podcasts, the company announced Wednesday (Nov. 27).

Tenderfoot TV has partnered with Lakeshore Records to release soundtrack albums for Tenderfoot’s popular podcasts, the company announced Wednesday (Nov. 27).

The first release under the deal, a soundtrack for the horror anthology series Radio Rental, will be available digitally on Friday. It will be followed by soundtracks for Culpable, To Live and Die in LA, Monster and the Up and Vanished series.

“The idea that our listeners get to digest podcast soundtracks like they do all other albums is a natural progression,” said Tenderfoot TV co-founder and president Donald Albright. “When you love a film, or a TV show, you want to be able to get lost in the soundtrack. It’s no different for a podcast. Lakeshore Records has put out some of the most creative, important and unique soundtracks in entertainment, so we knew they were an essential partner.”


Lakeshore has released soundtrack albums for countless films and TV series including Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, The Handmaid’s Tale, Lady Bird, Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk, among others. The deal with Tenderfoot marks the company’s first foray into releasing podcast soundtracks.

The score for Radio Rental was composed by electronic musician Matthew Pusti, who goes by the name Makeup and Vanity Set (MAVS). Directed by Payne Lindsey, the series stars Rainn Wilson as Terry Carnation, a video store clerk whose secret VHS collection contains “true tales of horror and the unexplained.”

“A score is essential to a podcast, just like in movies,” said Lindsey, who co-founded Tenderfoot TV with Albright. “Music sets the tone for our stories, it sets the pace of our episodes, and with Radio Rental, it fully immerses us into this world where strange and terrifying things happen. Having worked with Makeup and Vanity Set on our past true crime podcasts, we knew his electronic sound was perfect for this one, too.” 

Makeup and Vanity Set also composed the scores for Up and Vanished, Monster and To Live and Die in LA, all of which will be released by Lakeshore next month. The label will additionally re-release soundtrack albums for Up and Vanished: Season Two and Atlanta Monster through the end of 2019 and into 2020.


You can listen to the theme from Radio Rental below.