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This Artist’s Residency Ticket Prices Are Outpacing Even Celine Dion’s

There may be no place on earth where Lady Gaga is bigger than in Las Vegas.

There may be no place on earth where Lady Gaga is bigger than in Las Vegas. According to a ranking of the top average ticket prices for residencies over the past five years  (2015 through 2019) by secondary-market ticket vendor StubHub, Stefani Germanotta’s two residencies at the MGM Park Theater, Jazz & Piano and Enigma, both of which have been extended to spring, have set ticket-price benchmarks that should stand for a long time.   

The average price for a ticket to one of Gaga’s residencies in 2019 was $602 on StubHub, more than double the $248 that Celine Dion fans were paying for tickets to Celine —  the  No. 2 top-grossing residency in the history of Billboard Boxscore  — before it closed in June 2019. The average price that Gaga fans were paying on StubHub was also more than triple the $173 average they were paying for tickets to her  U.S. tour dates from 2015 through 2019, including her 2017-2018 Joanne concert tour. According to StubHub, that’s by far the biggest spread for any act in its ranking of residency top 10. 

Gaga also tops the ranks for her popularity among ticket buyers from non-U.S. countries: 51 compared to 43 for Dion and 28 for perennial Vegas favorite Elton John

Jeff Poirier, StubHub’s general manager of music and theater for North America, says these milestones are “pretty remarkable,” especially since Gaga was only in the first year of her residencies.   “The other top acts are all established residents of Vegas for three, four or five years, To see her handily beat everyone in prices and also the number of countries [buying tickets to her residencies]  is amazing. Everything she’s accomplished in just one year against more nostalgic acts really stands out.” 

A comparison of demand for tickets to Britney Spears’ residency performances versus her regular U.S. tour dates for the same five-year time period shows a much different picture. Spears, who ranks fifth among the top 10 artists who have combined residencies with conventional tours —  her Britney: A Piece of Me residency ran from 2013 to the end of 2017 and grossed close to $138 million — is the only act whose average secondary market price of $165 for a ticket to the residency was significantly lower than the average secondary market ticket price for her Piece of Me tour, $275. 

That’s a 40% difference, and, perhaps, points to her February 2019 cancellation of a planned second Vegas residency, Domination. At the time, Spears said the residency was scuttled so that she could spend time with her ailing father. Subsequent reports indicated that ticket sales were soft, however.