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Join Lady Gaga’s ‘Kindness Movement’ & Learn More of the Story With ‘Chromatica’ Enhanced Album

Lady Gaga unveiled "Welcome to Chromatica," an enhanced album and multimedia experience available exclusively on Spotify on Friday (May 29).

Chromatica arrived on Friday (May 29), and Lady Gaga has some surprises in store for her Little Monsters-turned-Kindness Punks. On the day of the LP’s release, Spotify unveiled “Welcome to Chromatica,” an enhanced album and multimedia experience available exclusively on the platform.

The enhanced Spotify album features all 16 Chromatica tracks — including lead single “Stupid Love” and Ariana Grande duet “Rain On Me” — interspersed with video messages of Gaga delivering her personal “Chromatica Manifesto” in which she spells out the “vibrant world [she] created for Kindness Punks everywhere.”

“The manifesto for Chromatica is never ending, I cannot finish it here. It would be like declaring I will never make music or be Lady Gaga again, which would mean I would stop being myself,” the superstar says in the final video clip within the playlist, which plays ahead of the album’s third instrumental interlude.. “This manifesto finale marks the new beginning of my life. One where I acknowledge that sound is my life force and that Lady Gaga is the mystery that carries it. Chromatica can’t end. It’s how I make sense of things. That’s what you should tell people if they ask you what it is.”

“Welcome to Chromatica” also comes complete with exclusive photos, downloadable posters and its own microsite, which serves as the Spotify hub for Gaga’s ongoing #KindnessMovement. (Little Monsters can join the pop star’s newly-launched campaign by creating their own motivational posters in line with the album’s messages of positivity, inclusion and healing.)


Within hours of its release, Chromatica set the record for the largest opening day streaming numbers of the year on the platform, clocking in at more than 43 million and counting.

Check out the Spotify-exclusive “Welcome to Chromatica” enhanced album below.