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La Luna Festival Champions Sustainability, From Reusable Water Bottles to Beach Cleanups

Boutique music and arts festival La Luna (formerly Full Moon Festival) returns for a ninth year to The Knockdown Center in Queens, N.Y. on June 15. In addition to bringing artists like The Black…

Boutique music and arts festival La Luna (formerly Full Moon Festival) returns for a ninth year to The Knockdown Center in Queens, New York, on June 15. In addition to bringing artists like The Black Madonna, DJ Harvey, Moodymann and DJ Tennis to the glass factory-turned-venue, this year the MATTE Projects event will also bring newfound focus and attention to sustainability. 

La Luna’s environmentally-friendly initiatives couldn’t have come at a better time: A panel on Thursday (May 23) at the International Music Summit revealed that U.K. festivals annually produce 25,900 tons of waste, with audiences consuming and discarding 10 million plastic water bottles. In an effort to combat the amount of waste that music festivals and the community at large, La Luna is partnering with organizations like Klean Kanteen — which is responsible for a filtered water refill station on-site — and startup Ever&Ever, which is providing aluminum water cans (aluminum is twice as recyclable as plastic). 

In terms of food and beverage, La Luna is implenting food truck vendor compliance with 100 percent compostable materials and no sales of single-use plastic or plastic straws. All leftover food from the event will be donated to local community organizations and a partnership with RoHo Compost facilitates recycling and food composting. Additionally, La Luna is donating $1 per ticket to offset its attendees’ carbon footprint by 350 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions via CHOOOSE. Ticket-holders are also encouraged to take Lyft’s ride share option, or to take mass transit or bicycle to The Knockdown Center. 


“La Luna is the next phase of our beloved Full Moon. It’s the same independent, passionate spirit we started with eight years ago, but progressing the curation for our core community,” said Max Pollack, co-founder of MATTE Projects, in a press release announcing the name change. “We’re embracing the elevated dance music we love, sharpening the aesthetic, and looking at international iterations.”

Additional performers and DJs include Powder, Romare, Barbie Bertisch, Lovecraft B2B Borzu, Caleesi, Conclave, Lauren Lane, Carlita, Medina and Daniel Cowel. 

Find more information on La Luna at its website and purchase tickets here. If you’re looking for merchandise for the event but wary of fast fashion, don’t worry, La Luna’s T-shirts are made from 100 percent recyclable textile waste with Everybody World, and limited-edition reusable toes will be available through a collaboration with Ocean Plastic and Parley. 

La Luna has already organized one Rockaway Beach cleanup, with another one scheduled for June 2 as a partnership with Deed x Package Free. And finally, there will be a pre-La Luna Cyclones group ride on June 8. 

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