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Krewella Responds to Kris ‘Rain Man’ Trindl Lawsuit

Yesterday (Sept. 30), news broke about a lawsuit filed by former Krewella producer/DJ Kris Trindl against his ex-bandmates, sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. Trindl seeks at least $5 million in…

On Tuesday, news broke about a lawsuit filed by former Krewella producer/DJ Kris Trindl against his ex-bandmates, sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. Trindl seeks at least $5 million in damages for allegedly being kicked out of the EDM group unfairly. On Wednesday (Oct. 1), the Yousafs responded to the allegations.

Krewella Mired in Legal Mess Involving DJ’s Newfound Sobriety

First, the pair posted on Krewella’s Tumblr, claiming Trindl left the band voluntarily, rather than being kicked out for depressive symptoms following an alcohol-related rehab stint. Read the full statement below:


We woke up this morning to the lawsuit Kris filed against us.  As you all know, there are two sides to every story. We ask our fans to please be patient and not come to any conclusions until we are able to respond to the lawsuit with the truth. Our team has advised that we don’t get into any specifics until we can properly respond to the false claims made—most importantly being that we did not kick Kris out of Krewella, he resigned. We’re having a really difficult time today. As we write this letter to you, we are in the studio working on the second album. Please hang in there with us, the truth will eventually come out. Thank you for being so supportive, we love you guys.

And later, Yasmine Yousaf (who once was in a relationship with Trindl) opined via her own personal Tumblr:

Today was 1 of the most emotional days of my life. I know I don’t even have to explain why, as the whole internet-sphere knows by now, but reading so many false claims about my sister and me coming straight from Kris cut me deeper than anything I’ve experienced in my life. I can’t say much as this is a legal issue (and I hope that none of you will ever experience a lawsuit and know what it feels like not to be able to defend yourself to avoid MORE false claims) but truthfully all I really want to say right now is thank you. Even though only one side of a story was put on blast, every single person who texted, called, DMed, and emailed me today had nothing but support in their words…I straight up feel like Harry Potter who is impervious to Voldemort’s ill will with the strength and care of my family, boyfriend, friends, and KREW. You guys never cease to amaze me with your genuine concern and care that you have for my sister and me.

On Aug. 18, Yasmine Yousaf may have very well referred to the Trindl situation in an earlier post without naming names. “Even when certain people hit rock bottom, they still don’t want to evolve,” she wrote. “They are so far down their dark tunnel and you can’t even see a speck of them or who they used to be, you are forced to accept that they are completely gone from your life.”

The trio had been a serious full-time project since June 8, 2010; all three members bear matching “6-8-10” tattoos commemorating the date.

After a year of hard partying during Krewella’s early success, Trindl checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. After coming clean, he dealt with depression, which he claims the sisters used as an excuse to remove him from the group and collect a larger share of Krewella’s profits. “They thought he was depressed, although he explained it was just part of the recovery process,” the lawsuit reads.