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Korn to Play Shows in VR Video Games AdventureQuest 3D & AQWorlds

Hop into the most brutal digital mosh pit ever on Aug. 20 when Korn play the grand opening of the Battle Concert Arena.

Korn wants you to get in the digital pit and try to love someone. The band has teamed up with Artix Entertainment for a pair of virtual shows slated to kick off at sundown (EST) on Tuesday (Aug. 20) in the virtual realm. The long-running nu-metal masters will play a free virtual concert in both AdventureQuest 3D and the 2D AdventureQuest Worlds that will be available on Android/Apple phones, as well as tablets and computers.    

“Get in the most brutal mosh pit ever… and make video game history! Korn is playing the grand opening of the Battle Concert Arena in the massively multiplayer games, AdventureQuest 3D & AQWorlds,” reads a press release announcing the gigs in the MMO games. “The band will play on stage while you fight monsters, score loot, and hear a new song from Korn’s upcoming album…. THE NOTHING.” 

Artix remade the band’s members into video game characters for the show, which will let players hop into an “unforgettably brutal, monster-filled virtual rock concert” and search for a “magical concert ticket” that will teleport them to the event. A paid “event pack” will offer up a “backstage pass” that will open a chance for your character to take a selfie with the virtual band.

Korn to Play Shows in AR Video Games | Billboard
   Courtesy of Artix Entertainment


Korn’s 13-song 13th album, The Nothing, will be released on Sept. 13. So far, they’ve dropped the songs “Cold” and “You’ll Never Find Me”; they are currently on a co-headlining tour with Alice in Chains.

Korn to Play Shows in AR Video Games | Billboard
    Courtesy of Artix Entertainment