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How Kimberly Loaiza Became TikTok’s Most-Viewed Music Artist

The Mexican pop star breaks down her strategy to social media stardom.

In early 2020, Kimberly Loaiza uploaded her very first TikTok video to promote her single “No seas celoso,” which loosely translates to “don’t be jealous.” The 15-second video features the Mexican pop star doing a short and simple choreography to her song with a request to her followers: “Loves, if you want to see me post more often here, I invite you to do the #noseascelosochallenge.” Since, that clip has earned more than 3 million likes, and the singer has continued to post religiously, growing a zealous fanbase on the short-form video platform. This year, according to TikTok’s recently released year-end report, Loaiza was the app’s most-viewed music artist globally.


At a time when the music business is obsessed with TikTok and nearly every hit song must take off there to thrive elsewhere, Loaiza has built a following of 70 million followers — up 16% from the year prior — and 4 billion likes on her account. Key to the 24-year-old’s growth on TikTok has been her collaborating with other influencers in her videos, as well as connecting with fans through popular trends like viral dance challenges and video reactions. Of course, she’s also using TikTok as a platform to grow her music career, which already includes key collaborations with artists such as Grupo Firme. Her top five tracks this year on the app are “Devoto” with Elvis de Yongol (657,500 videos on the app), “Apaga la luz” with Ovy on the Drums (525,000 videos), “No seas celoso” (276,000 videos), “Mejor Sola” with Zion y Lennox (274,000 videos), and “Me perdiste” (221,000 videos).

“TikTok allows the use of music for the creation of content,” Loaiza’s manager, Leonardo de la O Crovi, tells Billboard. “The basis of everything is to constantly form work teams that adapt to the new ways of communicating. That’s where we try to get the most out of it with good, original and creative ideas. The platform undoubtedly enhances the songs and gives artists an opportunity to grow.”

“This shows the growth opportunity that exists when an artist and her team work together with the TikTok team to generate creative strategies that result in the growth that the artist seeks,” adds Rob Ruiz, music operations lead for Mexico at TikTok.

Additionally, Loaiza has established many new business relationships including with Loud And Live, which will bring her Bye Bye Tour to the U.S. for the first time in 2023. It also marks the last tour where she and her husband JD Pantoja, who’s also a recording artist and popular social media personality, will share the stage.

“You can expect many beautiful things, many good things,” Loaiza assures. “You can expect a great show because that’s what we want to give our fans. We want to give them a truly unforgettable show that they go and say, ‘Wow, it was all worth it.'”

Below, Loaiza talks about being the number one most-viewed artist globally on TikTok, how that’s helped her music career, and more.

You’re ending the year as the most-viewed artist globally on TikTok. What has contributed to your major success on the app?

I sincerely believe that the potion for success is to be constant, to fight for your dreams, remove the barriers that you have in your mind, and do what you really like. When you mix all that together I really feel that you make something explode and everything that you propose yourself to will work out in the end.

What makes Kim Loaiza stand out from the crowd where more than 70 million followers are connecting with your content?

I think I’m super transparent with the people who follow me. I’m always trying to give them the best possible content, always aware of what they want, and always reading their comments. I think that’s what makes my fans connect the most with me because I’m 100% transparent and I like to pamper them and give them the content they ask of me.

Beyond being a famed TikTok personality, how do you feel the app has propelled your very own music career?

It’s helped a lot because my music is uploaded to the app and gets exposure. Either I make a dance challenge for it or fans create one, and it goes viral. You learn the trend, you learn the song. That’s what’s helped my musical career a lot and I really love it.

Your husband JD Pantoja is also on the list with you. What does being a TikTok Power Couple mean?

It feels super nice to share this achievement as a couple because I know everything he has gone through, I know everything he has lived through to get to where he is. I was with him from the very start. I recorded his first Vine videos and helped him with his social media. To see that now we have a very different lifestyle from the one we had a few years ago is crazy. All the support we receive from fans feels beautiful, and well, the truth is, I am super proud of everything my husband has achieved.