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Killer Mike Voices Support For Sexual Harassment Victims, Wants to See Publicist Be ‘A Better Human Being’

Killer Mike explains his reasoning for sticking with Life or Death PR and expresses support for those affected after sexual harassment allegations against music publicist Heathcliff Berru forced…

In the wake of the resignation of Life or Death PR founder/CEO Heathcliff Berru yesterday (Jan. 19) amid a slew of allegations of sexual harrassment from at least seven women in the music industry, a handful of artists — Wavves, Diiv, Kelela and Speedy Ortiz — announced publicly that they were severing ties with the company. In a string of tweets sent out this morning, Killer Mike stated that he would continue working with Duncan Will, his day-to-day publicist who works at Life or Death.

The allegations arose Monday evening (Jan. 18) in a number of tweets from Dirty Projectors vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Amber Coffman, who related her story of being sexually harassed by Berru a number of years ago. Quickly afterward, a number of female musicians and industry professionals, including Best Coast‘s Bethany Cosentino, Little Empire Music’s Christy Merriner, musician Roxy Lange, Danger Village publicist Beth Martinez, Bonnaroo coordinator Martika Finch and several more weighed in with messages of support and additional stories of sexual harassment.

Last night after Life or Death announced his resignation as CEO, Berru released a statement saying, in part, that he would be checking into a rehab facility for drug and alcohol addiction and that he “already lost my wife, abandoned my family, and destroyed those I love as a result of my shameful, embarrassing unacceptable behavior.”

This morning, Killer Mike explained his decision to remain with his publicist and expressed his support for Amber Coffman and the other women who have come forward. Read Mike’s statements in order below.

My Publicist Lost his wife, biz & Rep. My friend Got an ear full from me about how fucked up he behaved.  Amber deserves all our support,” he wrote. “And she and those other women have mine… My day to day publicist is Dunkin and he will continue to be.  Cliff is still my friend and i will support him in being a better human being… Life or death is no more and cliff will be dealing with his drug and alcohol issues… My real desire is to see These women Whole healthy and rocking out like great artist and members or the culture… I’m glad The employees (former) of life or death had a plan ready for clients and we chug along without Cliff but with hope that he grows… Into the best version of himself we all know is there.  My best wishes again to Amber and all the women involved.  Your bravery is Admirable.














Life or Death will be run by company president Nick Dierl moving forward. “Life or Death has a zero tolerance policy for the type of conduct alleged in today’s on-line postings,” the company wrote in a statement announcing Berru’s resignation. “We take these allegations very seriously. The men and women who make up this company do not, and will not, condone or tolerate any conduct described in the on-line postings. Life Or Death is 3 men and 3 women who are committed to promoting art and serving the clients that we’re so privileged to represent. We are taking measures to ensure that the alleged behavior did not, and will not, make its way into company operations or impact our commitment to promoting art and assisting our clients.”

Jonny Shipes, founder of Cinematic Worldwide, the home to artists like Joey Bada$$, Mick Jenkins and more, told Billboard today they will also be sticking with their publicists Dierl and Bradley Bledsoe. “Bradley and Nick will remain our publicists,” he said. “I never met Heathcliff or had a conversation with him, so this won’t affect my working relationship with them.”