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Kevin Lyman’s 4Fini Production Company Rebrands as KLG After Vans Warped Tour Wraps

Kevin Lyman announced this week that his company, 4Fini, which put on the annual Warped Tour events has rebranded to KLG (Kevin Lyman Group).

The final stop of Vans Warped Tour on Aug. 5 at Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida, marked the end of an era for teenage punk enthusiasts, but not entirely for founder Kevin Lyman. Lyman announced this week that his company, 4Fini, which put on the annual Warped Tour events has rebranded to KLG (Kevin Lyman Group).

Helmed by the same four employees who ran 4Fini, KLG plans to build a new name for itself untethered to the touring festival that ran for 24 years.

“I started to get known as Kevin Lyman, the Warped Tour guy, but in the background we were doing all these other things. I’ve been involved in helping with brands from Saint Archer brewery to BeatBox,” Lyman tells Billboard.

“It was important to, not separate ourselves from Warped Tour because that is our calling card, but we did that for so long that people believed that was the only thing we did even though it never really was,” adds sponsorships and new business for KLG, Kate Truscott.


The conclusion of Warped Tour, says Truscott, “was a good time to change the name and let people know that we are still open for business. We are still a company. It is not like everything is dissolving and we all need to go find new day jobs.”

“We’ve freshened up the brand to showcase the skill set of the people I work with. They are so good,” Lyman says.

Also on the team with Lyman and Truscott are marketing director Steph Mirsky and operations director Melanie Pierce. All four employees have traveled with Warped Tour over the years and taken on various responsibilities at 4Fini.

“At the moment, it is the same people, in the same office, with new email addresses,” Truscott says, adding that without the looming juggernaut of Warped Tour approaching every year, the rebranded firm will be able to pick and choose new opportunities and clients in the industry.

KLG also the produces notable events such as Taste of Chaos, It’s Not Dead Festival, the Alternative Press Music Awards, Mayhem Festival, Country Throwdown and others.

Coming up, KLG will be working with Justin Timberlake’s Pilgrimage Festival outside of Nashville and alcohol brand, BeatBox Beverages. The team offers event production, talent booking, brand sponsorships, marketing, social strategies, video production and more.


“We are just shifting and using the same skill sets to work with other people, projects and brands,” says Truscott. “There are a lot of people coming at us asking us to help them with X,Y and Z and it is up to us to pick out the projects that makes sense for us.”

KLG plans to develop new festivals, honor Warped Tour next year with a 25th anniversary celebration, create a comedy event for charity and ramp up Pierce’s own Brewbies charity craft beer festival for its 10-year anniversary. Brewbies festivals have honed the excitement for craft beer into fundraising efforts for non-profits like Keep a Breast Foundation and KLG wants to expand that business model to help other non-profits they work with.  

In addition, KLG will continue its philanthropic efforts that Lyman has been known for. Lyman, who also began teaching at University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music this week, has worked on causes including voter registration, environmentalism and providing service to those in need.

In 2009, Lyman was recognized as Billboard Touring Awards Humanitarian of the Year and earlier this year launched the FEND (Free Energy, No Drugs) movement. The FEND campaign and app leveraged Warped Tour’s popularity to help educate young people in the United States about the opioid epidemic.  

“We are in the process of expanding the FEND movement with discussions in a few states to help them with their opioid education initiatives,” Lyman says. “I would love to become an advocate for more canned food drives in front of more festivals than just Warped Tour. I can spend more of my time advocating for these things instead of spending 80 percent of my time packing bands on the road. It is redirection of energies.”