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Kendrick Lamar’s Reps Deny Cell Phone Ban Report, Fans Can Continue to Film During His Concerts

Kendrick Lamar reportedly bans fans from using cell phones at his concerts, reports The Guardian.

Initially, Kendrick Lamar was believed to be the latest star fighting to keep his concert experience sacred. In a new story published by The Guardian, Lamar was reportedly banning those outside of his team of photographers from taking pictures at his concerts. 

Billboard reached out to K. Dot’s representatives and was informed that the story “isn’t true,” and that fans can continue to use their phones while at Lamar’s concerts.

Recently, a slew of notable stars have been vocal and against the idea of fans using their cell-phones during their performances. Guns N’ Roses, Jarvis Cocker, Alicia Keys, and even the late Prince have previously shunned the concept of allowing show attendees to record their concerts. Last month, Jack White began his stand against the use of smartphones during one of his shows. For White, his stance stems from his desire to provide “one hundred percent human experience” for his fans. 


The Guardian reported that Lamar’s decision for banning the use of smartphones at his concerts were an “attempt to protect his valuable ‘brand’ and ensure the appetite for tickets remains keen.” Last week, Lamar kicked off the European leg of his DAMN. Tour with stops in Dublin and Manchester. He’ll continue his jaunt all throughout February until March 5, when he’ll conclude his tour in Berlin, Germany. 

You can read the full Guardian story here