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10:22PM and World of Women Partner to Launch Kendra Jae NFT Series

A limited number of NFTs will arrive next year to celebrate Jae's new music.

Universal Music Group’s 10:22PM label and World of Women are partnering to launch an NFT project in collaboration with rising R&B/hip-hop artist Kendra Jae. In addition to marking World of Women’s first-ever NFT series with a label and recording artist, the collaboration also seeks to further empower women through art as well as promote diversity and inclusion — especially in the male-dominated NFT industry.

According to a recent report from NFT Now, “female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT art sales in the last 21 months.” Raising that sobering statistic underlines the mission of the new partnership between 10:22PM founder Celine Joshua and World of Women creator/artist Yam Karkai.


“The way to change that is to introduce more female creators and collectors into the world of NFTs; to unite as a community through collaborations and partnerships,” Joshua tells Billboard. “With World of Women earlier this year, Yam created one of the most successful NFT projects. It’s the first time that I was able to look at an NFT project and really identify with it as a woman and a diverse woman as I looked across and connected with the different female avatars she had created. Through her art, Yam is bringing more women into the world of tech and blockchain.”

With the goal of showcasing women through her art, Karkai and her team launched the popular World of Women NFT this summer through which World of Women minted 10,000 collectible images featuring powerful and diverse women. World of Women then reinvested a portion of the sold-out collection to crypto art projects and supporting non-profits empowering women through education and advocating to abolish child marriage. The real time World of Women NFT trading volume so far is $102M dollars or 24.5ETH.

The first rollout in the World of Women x 10:22PM x Kendra Jae NFT series, now in development, will occur next year. 10:22PM and World of Women will drop a limited number of NFTs to celebrate new music and an upcoming EP being recorded by Jae, who is signed to 10:22PM in partnership with Def Jam Recordings. The World of Women community, as well as holders of World of Women x 10:22PM x Kendra Jae NFTs, will also gain early access to future events, videos, activations and other experiences throughout the artist’s career.

“It effectively becomes your membership card to all things Kendra Jae,” says Joshua. “And as Kendra grows in her career so does the value of the NFT.”

“The reason why World of Women was born was because being a woman in the super male-oriented NFT space is definitely a struggle,” says Karkai. “But there’s still time to completely change the way things are headed and to make this a truly inclusive tech space where women have equal opportunities. This exciting first music collaboration with Celine and 10:22PM, which strongly stands for female empowerment, and a young female emerging artist like Kendra Jae, is everything we stand for in bringing the female voice into the scene as we continue to grow.”

Jae has released two singles since her signing to 10:22PM and Def Jam Recordings was announced in October: “Seesaw” featuring Saweetie followed by the recently dropped “BIG.” The singer-songwriter-dancer-choreographer’s debut EP is slated for first quarter 2022.

“Celine, Yam and I are all ethnically diverse women who share the same passion for women empowerment, promoting diversity and equal opportunity,” says the artist. “To have the two of them see and believe in my artistry enough to help me take it into the NFT space is an amazing opportunity. It will be exciting to give my fan base, especially young women, something to identify with and feel connected to beyond the music; to grow in this digital space as I grow as well.”

Joshua launched 10:22PM in 2018 as a next-gen Web3-focused label that specializes in discovering and developing artists, intellectual property and digital creators. “As Yam’s story develops with World of Women and as Kendra’s artistic vision develops,” says Joshua, “I think the collaboration will be something beautiful. We’re all about empowerment as we introduce more female artists, collectors and a young audience to the NFT community.”