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Katy Perry Talks Teaming Up With Behr & Spotify for Immersive ‘Music in Color’ Experience: Exclusive

Katy Perry is bringing her love of color and passion for music to her newest partnership with Behr and Spotify's Music in Color project -- learn more here.

For Katy Perry, music and color go hand in hand. From the lush and vibrant color palette of her “Harleys in Hawaii” music video, to the cotton-candy, pastel wonderland of her 2010 hit “California Gurls,” it’s fitting that Perry has teamed up with Behr and Spotify to visually illustrate the connection that she has with music and color.

On Friday, Spotify launched Music in Color by Behr, a website that the audio streaming service and paint company debuted with assistance from Perry to provide an audio representation of her experiences through some of her most notable songs. The tool — which connects to Spotify’s library of music — allows its listeners to not only explore the color of their favorite Spotify songs and select a corresponding paint color from Behr’s catalogue, but will also take fans on a technicolor journey through exclusive colors that Perry designed for Behr’s new collection.

“I think it’s a pretty expressive palette,” Perry told Billboard via email about the paint colors she designed with Behr. “My hair has been all of these colors at one point, and now I’m exploring more of a neutral and natural palette in my personal life as I remodel a home to help balance out all of the colors that are coming to my Vegas stage very soon.


Katy’s color choices are just as vibrant as her larger-than-life music videos. The collection includes 12 unique shades: Laser Lemon (bright yellow), Diva Glam (pink plum), Aztec Sky (shocking blue), Sea of Tranquility (sea blue), Flirt Alert (brick red), Just a Fairytale (violet), Beta Fish (jewel-toned green), Breezeway (sea glass green), Joyful Orange (tangerine), Glass Sapphire (muted teal), Bonfire Night (medium-dark orange) and Four Leaf Clover (pale green).

Though Perry doesn’t experience synesthesia, she’s able to dream up exactly what she’d like the visual universe of her videos to look like the moment her pen touches paper. “Almost every single time I write a song, I see a visual with it, whether it’s an entire music video concept, or just some colors or an idea for artwork and looks,” she explained. “The visual usually comes after the song for me, but a setting, space, or color can influence a mood. For instance, if I’m writing in Hawaii it’s very vibey; if I’m writing in a log cabin in Santa Barbara it’s very acoustic-y; if I’m writing in LA in my own studio, it’s very vibrant and usually upbeat.”

Katy Perry
Katy Perry Courtesy of Music in Color by BEHR Paint

Speaking on why a partnership with Behr and Spotify felt natural, the “Harleys in Hawaii” singer said, “I love the idea that people might want to paint a room the color of their favorite song, and the Spotify-Behr tool helps emulate synesthesia and bring that to life.”

Fans can test out the Music in Color tool at behrmusicincolor.com.