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Kanye West & Dame Dash Sued Over ‘Loisaidas’ Film, Dash Says Suit ‘Doesn’t Seem Logical’

Kanye West and Dame Dash are getting sued over their short film, Loisaidas, according to reports (Page Six and TMZ).

A bachata duo of the same name claim the film stole and tarnishes their name, as it features scenes of violence and drugs.

“I’m disgusted that they’re taking a brand that I made and built and turning it into something that it isn’t,” Michael Medina — president/CEO of independent record label, 848 Enterprises, which is home to Loisaidas — says in a suit filed on Thursday, April 2, according to Page Six.

Dash wasn’t initially aware he was being sued by Loisaidas until he read the news. “I didn’t even know I was getting sued. I found out about it on TMZ,” he tells Billboard.

The music-industry entrepreneur believes that their claim about the film — directed and funded by Dash and executive produced by West — tarnishing their name falls under “perception.” “That’s a perception. That doesn’t mean I have to get sued,” says Dash. “The approach doesn’t seem logical.”



Dash also went on Instagram to speak on the matter: “How the f–k I’m i supposed to know there is a group called @loisaidas and why wouldn’t they just call me first…why tmz? [sic]” Dash checked the Loisaidas trademark saying, “The stupid ass crew that’s talking about suing me doesn’t even own their own trademark…”

Dash is focusing on his and West’s impending deal to purchase Karmaloop and a new residency he’s looking to execute at his NYC gallery space, Poppington. He plans to speak about business to a room of around 100 people. “It’s important to be enlightened. It’s important for people to believe in themselves,” he said.