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‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Is Finally a Top 10 Hit

Far from extinct, John Williams' classic 1993 instrumental gains amid buzz of the new 'Jurassic World.'

With major pop-culture buzz surrounding Friday’s box-office opening of Jurassic World, the dinosaur-driven film franchise’s classic theme song roars to new heights.

John Williams‘ “Jurassic Park Theme,” originally released accompanying the 1993 blockbuster, has become a top 10 hit on a Billboard chart at last, rising 13-9 on the June 13 Classical Digital Songs survey. On the June 20 tally, it takes an even bigger bite out of the chart, leaping to No. 6 with a 15 percent gain to 1,000 sold in the tracking week, according to Nielsen Music. The melodic instrumental has sold 185,000 downloads to date.

(Notably, the song likely would’ve hit the Classical Digital Songs top 10 much earlier in its release, but the survey didn’t launch until 2010.)

Meanwhile, the new Jurassic World soundtrack, featuring 24 tracks by composer Michael Giacchino, was released June 9 and is due on next week’s albums charts. It includes “Welcome to Jurassic World,” an update of Williams’ original.

You’ve Never Heard the Iconic ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Like This

The Jurassic Park soundtrack hit No. 36 on the Billboard 200 albums chart dated July 24, 1993. It’s sold 861,000 to date. The film was released 22 years ago today (June 11, 1993) and, at more than $1 billion, is among the 20 highest-grossing films worldwide all-time.