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Julio Iglesias Will Not Be Called to Testify in Paternity Case

Iglesias declined to take a paternity test in the case. The paternity trial is scheduled to take place on May 30 in Valencia, Spain.

Julio Iglesias will not be summoned to testify in a Spanish court at an upcoming paternity trial, according to Spanish media reports. The trial is to decide a case brought by Javier Sántos, who for the last decade has publically maintained that he is Iglesias’ son and has been fighting a legal battle to prove the paternity of the Spanish pop superstar. Iglesias has declined to take a paternity test in the case.       

Sántos, who lives in Valencia, claims that he is the fruit of a relationship that his mother, Marie Edite Santos, had with Iglesias in July 1975, after they met in a club in Sant Feliu de Guixols, a beach town on Spain’s Costa Brava, according to an account of the case published in Spain’s El Pais newspaper.     


A DNA sample from Iglesias’ son, Julio José, which was analysed in a Spanish lab after a Miami private detective contracted by the Santos family obtained it surreptitiously, was found to be a 99.9% genetic match with Santos’ DNA sample. The judge in Valencia deemed the test results to be sufficiently credible, according to El Pais. The newspaper previously reported that the detective — who got that sample from a plastic water bottle that Julio José threw away in a parking lot — also tried to gain entrance to Julio Iglesias’ home in Miami to get material for a DNA sample, but was stymied by security “comparable to that of the president of a country.” The detective will be summoned to court to testify about the DNA findings, according to Spanish media.

The paternity trial is scheduled to take place on May 30 in Valencia.