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Judge Dismisses Million-Dollar Lawsuit Against Anuel AA

Former model Noris Díaz, also known as "La Taína," had filed a lawsuit against Anuel AA for defamation and invasion of privacy after his song "Intocable" leaked in 2018 that direcly insulted Diaz.&nbsp…

A federal judge has dismissed a $5 million lawsuit against Anuel AA, according to Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día.

According to the report, Judge Raúl Arias decided that Anuel’s lyrics on “Intocable” — a diss track directed toward Cosculluela where he uses homophobic lyrics and directly insults former model Noris “La Taína” Díaz, who has HIV. — is covered under the First Amendment and there is no proof of actual malice.

Díaz had filed a federal lawsuit against Anuel for defamation and invasion of privacy and was seeking a $5 million settlement in emotional and character damages.


Anuel’s reps but did not respond to a request for comment at time of publishing.

“Intocable” was never officially released but the controversial song was filtered on YouTube in September 2018 and cost Anuel his first concert in Puerto Rico after it was canceled by No Limit Entertainment.

The “Me Gusta” singer later apologized for the lyrics calling it the worst mistake of his career.

“I do not need this and I apologize to all the people I offended. To homosexuals, to people with AIDS, to La Taina [the model] and to those who lost everything after Hurricane Maria … My fans deserve from me to be a better person, and I apologize to everyone in Puerto Rico,” he said.