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Joe Bermudez Jumps to No. 1 on Dance Club Songs With ‘Crazy Enough’

"Growing up I wasn't always the 'cool kid' & would often get bullied," Bermudez tells Billboard.

DJ Joe Bermudez barrels 3-1 on Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart (dated April 14) with “Crazy Enough,” featuring singer Louise Carver. The inspirational club track was remixed by RetroVision, eSQUIRE and Kid Massive, among others.

“Crazy” is the third No. 1 for Bermudez and second for Carver (both with Bermudez). The song follows Bermudez’ “Ghosting,” featuring Megn, which hit the top in July 2017, and “Sunrise,” with Carver, a No. 1 in August 2016. Bermudez also earned two top 10s in 2015: “Forget to Breathe,” featuring Natasha Anderson (No. 10) and “DJ Fav,” featuring Amanda Brigham (No. 6).

The Boston-based Bermudez (who loyally sports a Red Sox shirt in the video for “Crazy”) tells Billboard of his latest chart triumph, “This one holds a special place in my heart. Growing up I wasn’t always the ‘cool kid’ and would often get bullied. Hopefully others going through similar experiences will know that it’s okay to be yourself because in the end bullies are not ‘crazy enough’ to walk a mile in your shoes.”


Says Carver of the track’s creation, “Joe sent me a rough draft of ‘Crazy Enough’ whilst I was at home in South Africa and I loved it so much that I got on a plane and flew to Boston. Joe always insists we do my vocals together in the same room. We worked so hard in this tiny, very un-glamorous studio, which makes being No.1 incredibly meaningful to us.

“The same with the music video, we just got all Joe’s friends and worked through the night to create this super fun music video shot all over beautiful Boston. The song works because everybody involved had a great time making it.”