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Joan Jett Settles ‘Blackheart’ Hot Topic Lawsuit

Joan Jett has settled a lawsuit against major retailer Hot Topic for use of her "Blackeart" logo in the company's lingerie line, reports Law360.

Joan Jett has settled a lawsuit against major retailer Hot Topic for use of her “Blackeart” logo in the company’s lingerie line, reports Law360.

Filed last year, the suit claims the store’s merchandise line “Lingerie for Girls Who Rock & Roll,” featuring snakeprint push-up bras and skull-and-crossbones-emblazoned panties, constituted false advertising, unfair competition, and was “geared towards trading off the substantial goodwill associated” with Blackheart Records, according to the Los Angeles Times

“Hot Topic, who previously purchased and distributed products — including clothing — made by Blackheart and featuring Blackheart’s famous owner, rock ‘n’ roll legend Joan Jett, willfully and knowingly sought to co opt the Blackheart name and trademark intending to profit from consumer confusion, Blackheart’s well-known brand and Jett’s well-known persona,” reads part of the complaint.


Hot Topic had been purchasing the Blackheart Record’s own line of clothing and accessories since the 1990s before approaching the company in 2010, seeking to distribute an exclusive line of Joan Jett-inspired merchandise; after that, Hot Topic moved ahead with the “Lingerie” line.

At the time, the suburban mall staple responded to the allegations with a statement that it “takes the rights of artists very seriously” and had compensated Jett “with mutually agreed-upon license agreements for the sale of tee shirts featuring her image,” which it said was theirs to use because Jett had renounced her trademark logo by that point. 

In this latest ruling, Judge Denise Cote — who presided over the ASCAP versus Pandora lawsuit in March — approved a joint motion from both parties to end the proceedings. No further details were available at press time. 

Hot Topic was also recently involved in a suit between members of the Misfits, Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only. The former claimed the latter had cheated him out of revenue from the retailer’s extensive “Fiend Skull”-branded line of merchandise