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Jian Ghomeshi Dropped By The Agency Group

Toronto-based The Agency Group released a statement today that it is no longer the agent of representation for Jian Ghomeshi.

Toronto-based The Agency Group released a statement Friday (Oct. 31) that it is no longer the agent of representation for Jian Ghomeshi. Nine women have come forward to major Canadian media outlets with firsthand accounts of being victimized by the former CBC radio host, including getting slapped and choked.

On Thursday, The Agency Group’s web page for Ghomeshi, whose Q show is also available on 180 NPR/PRI stations, was no longer available. Jack Ross, The Agency Group’s senior vice president, managed Ghomeshi’s former pop group Moxy Fruvous and remained Ghomeshi’s agent after he went on to a successful career in radio and TV, which included speaking and hosting engagements. Ross first discovered Moxy Fruvous in the ’80s when it was busking in Toronto.


Ghomeshi was officially fired by the CBC last Sunday. The 47-year-old, knowing a local newspaper had been investigating him and was about to drop a bombshell story, released a detailed Facebook post revealing his predilection for BDSM and said it was always consensual. A few hours later, The Toronto Star published an article featuring four anonymous sources and their accusations of unwanted violent sexual abuse by Ghomeshi.

Since then, another five women have come forward, two putting their names to their stories, Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere, and Reva Seth, a lawyer and author. On Friday, the Star reported that Ghomeshi showed his employers at the CBC videos of bondage involving himself to prove that consensual sex could lead to bruising.

Synth-pop artist Lights, represented by TAG and managed by Ghomeshi, initially stuck by the radio host, but late Friday, she had this to say on Facebook: “I posted comments about Jian Ghomeshi the day after he was dismissed by the CBC where I rushed to defend my manager of 12 years. I am now aware that my comments appear insensitive to those impacted and for that I am deeply sorry. This is to confirm that as of now I will be parting ways with Jian Ghomeshi as my manager. I hope everyone can heal from this.”

Amanda Palmer, who had invited Ghomeshi to be her special guest at The Art of Asking book event in Toronto Nov. 25, today rescinded that offer. “Given everything I’ve learned, and especially given how upsetting it would be to so many, Jian will not be coming to the show in Toronto,” she wrote on Facebook.

This afternoon Murray Foster, who was in Moxy Fruvous with Ghomeshi, formed in 1989, released this statement via Facebook: “Hey everybody – after a rough week, here’s the official response from the other former Moxy Fruvous members: As former colleagues of Jian (our last show was in 2000), we are sickened and saddened by this week’s news. We had no inkling that Jian engaged in this type of behaviour. We abhor the idea of a sexual relationship of any sort being entered into without full consent from both parties and condemn violence against women in any form. We wish only health and healing to everyone involved. We have no further comment on this matter at this time. Signed, Mike Ford, Murray Foster, David Matheson, former members of Moxy Fruvous.”