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Music Credits Database Jaxsta Offers Free Pro Service for Rest of the Year

The music credits database Jaxsta is offering its B2B subscription platform Jaxsta Pro for free for the remainder of 2020.

Music credits database Jaxsta is offering its business-to-business subscription platform Jaxsta Pro for free for the remainder of 2020, the company announced Wednesday (April 22).

Normally available for $150 a year, Jaxsta Pro was designed to help music professionals connect, create opportunities and enhance their careers. The new initiative is the company’s way of supporting the music community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By signing up to Jaxsta Pro, artists, songwriters, producers, engineers and session musicians can claim their profile page on,” said Jaxsta CEO and co-founder Jacqui Louez Schoorl in a statement. “We’ve already populated their page with their credits, and by adding their bio, image, social links and contact details they will have the ultimate resumé and promotional tool to demonstrate who they are, what they’ve done, and why people need to work with them. When this cloud lifts and creatives are properly able to get back to work, they will have a tool ready to help them get hired again or promote recent and upcoming projects.”

Jaxsta Pro
Courtesy of Jaxsta Pro

The decision to make Jaxsta Pro free is being supported by a variety of musicians and organizations, including Questlove, Rita Wilson, mix engineer John Hanes, mastering engineers Emily Lazar and John Greenham, A2IM, AIM, AIR, APRA AMCOS, ARIA, Merlin, The Music Business Association, The Music Producers Guild, PPCA, RIAA, AFM & SAG-AFTRA Fund, SoundExchange and The Recording Academy.


“During these challenging times, Merlin is pleased to support this initiative on behalf of our members and their artists,” said Jeremy Sirota, CEO of global music rights agency Merlin, in a statement. “Jaxsta offers fans a unique window into the people behind the recordings by providing accurate attribution. Music lovers can now discover and learn more about the engineers, producers, mixers and others that contribute to the music.”

Added Dean Ormston, CEO of the Australasian music rights organization APRA AMCOS, “Jaxsta is a champion of music creators, whether high profile, emerging, or behind-the-scenes, and this premium offer to music industry professionals will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for creators to connect, to be discovered and to be further acknowledged for their work.”

Designed as something of an answer to IMDB Pro for the music industry, Jaxsta Pro functions as a searchable database for music releases worldwide. Thanks to more than 30 data partnerships with labels, publishers, royalty agencies and industry associations worldwide — which give the company access to metadata from hundreds of thousands of labels and publishers representing over 90% of the world’s music market — the database now boasts over 105 million official credits, 42 million individual web pages, 27 million unique recordings credits and 10 million profiles, with 100,000 new credits processed each day.


By signing up for a free Jaxsta Pro subscription, musicians and their teams have the ability to “claim” and lightly customize individual profiles, which offer a topline snapshot of official credits, chart placements, awards, event calendars (including virtual livestreams), official bios and more. Subscribers can also set what are known as “chart alerts,” which provide customizable daily updates on chart placements for a specific release, person, publisher or record label. In addition, Jaxsta Pro offers in-depth information on the world’s top 20 markets, listing specific information on everything from a country’s broadband access to its notable awards shows to which streaming services are available there.

Starting Wednesday, Jaxsta Pro is now also offering enhanced search features, including the ability to add extra filters as well as “in-search credits,” which allow a subscriber to search within a specific release for a specific credit, from songwriter to producer to arranger.

Go here to register for free access to Jaxsta Pro.