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K-Pop Concerts Continue to Grow Outside Asia: Exclusive Infographic

While K-pop stars may seem extremely far away from U.S. fans, a recent report on the artists' live shows shows that America is increasingly becoming a priority to touring Korean acts. Concert…

While K-pop stars may seem extremely far away from U.S. fans, a recent report on the artists’ concerts indicates America is increasingly becoming a priority to touring Korean acts.

Concert kickstarter website — which looks at local fan demand to bring musicians to different countries and cities, doing just that for EXO‘s first U.S. arena tour earlier this year — present it all in an infographic that you can check out exclusively through Billboard below.

Diving into the numbers, which examines from 2013 to present day, East Asia still holds the most K-pop concerts in the world, but the numbers appear to be slightly tapering off as about 50 less K-pop shows were performed in the territory (that includes Korea and Japan) last year compared to 2014. Meanwhile, areas like North America, South America and Europe have all had three consistent years of K-pop concert growth since 2013; with North America (including the U.S. and Canada) marking the second largest territory for K-pop acts. MyMusicTaste notes that currently Japan holds the most K-pop concerts abroad, with China in second, and the U.S. in third. 

A deeper look into the artists performing these concerts spotlights most of these touring acts are male groups. Of the 1,456 counted, 1,209 shows were held by groups (versus the 249 held by solo acts) and of those 1,209 concerts, only 181 of them were performed by female groups.

When looking at a ranking of the acts with the most concerts overall, the Top 5 is dominated by boy bands with BIGBANG topping the list with 100 live shows. But the 65 concerts held by Girls’ Generation, the top touring female act by far, is not far off from EXO’s 74 shows. Meanwhile, XIA (of boy band JYJ) is the top solo act with 52 concerts with IU being the top female solo act with 18 shows.

Check out even more the eye-opening K-pop concert stats in the infographic, provided by MyMusicTaste, below:

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K-Pop Concerts Continue to Grow Outside

Courtesy of MyMusicTaste

?(This story was updated at 1:55 AM EST on May 6 with a new infographic. After further research, Billboard can confirm that Korean act Super Junior played at least 50 concerts during the studied 2013-2016 period which would see them included in the “Top 10 Artists With the Most Concerts” section. We alerted MyMusicTaste, who published the report, of the error.)