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Instagram Users Can Now Add Song Lyrics to Their Stories

Instagram users who utilize the social media platform's popular Music sticker for their Stories now have the ability to add lyrics, the company announced on Thursday (June 6).

Instagram users can now add lyrics to the music in their Stories.

The photo and video sharing platform announced Thursday (June 6) the new function’s rollout. To add lyrics to a Story, users first select a song from the app’s music library, then while pinpointing the section of the song they want to use lyrics will now automatically pop up. Users can then customize the animation and text style they want before adding.

To promote the feature, Instagram enlisted singer Billie Eilish to record a demo video in which she shares the lyrics to her song “My Strange Addiction.”

Instagram notes the feature will be accessible in regions where parent company Facebook’s music library is currently available, which included more than 40 countries as of April. In the U.S., Facebook has licensing deals in place with all three major music companies — Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group — and many indies around hte world. 


The lyrics feature is part of a recent push by Facebook to expand its music tools across its online platforms, which also include Whatsapp, Messenger and Oculus VR. It has already introduced features including music stickers and filters for individual artists (Eilish, Jonas Brothers, etc.) and products like Lip Sync Live (a competitor with TikTok) and Songs on Profile, which allows users to “pin” a track to the top of their profiles. The company has also integrated Spotify and Apple Music into its platforms.