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Instagram Adds Music to Stories, Announces 400M Daily Users

Instagram will begin rolling out a new feature that allows users to add music to their Stories.

Instagram announced Thursday (June 28) it will now allow users to add music to their Stories. The new feature will only be available in select countries at first, but will eventually be rolled out globally.

Users will be able to add music in the same way they add a sticker, choosing from a library of songs provided by the app that allows searching for a favorite song or browsing by categories like genre, mood and popular releases.

This growing library is available as a result of parent company Facebook’s string of new partnerships with music companies since late last year. Earlier this month, Facebook also began rolling out music in its own Stories function. 


According to Instagram, its stories feature is now used by 400 million users daily — more than twice of the 191 million daily users rival Snapchat announced in April. 

After scrolling through the library and choosing a song, users can pinpoint the exact section of the track they want played on their story by fast-forwarding or rewinding. In addition, on an iOS device, it will be possible to choose the song before recording the story as well.

The track title and artist will appear on the story much like a sticker or a tagged account and will be tappable — meaning that viewers of the story will be able to click on the track and learn more.

Instagram also announced an integration with Spotify last month that allows users to share music from the Spotify app directly to their Instagram Stories.

Instagram's new music sticker update
Instagram's new music sticker update Courtesy of Instagram