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Independent Venue Week Announces October Virtual Event

This year's Independent Venue Week in the U.S. will go virtual after having to delay its nationwide week of events in July.

This year’s Independent Venue Week in the U.S. will go virtual after having to delay its nationwide week of events in July. The digital Independent Venue Week will take place between Oct. 24-30 and will raise funds for the National Independent Venue Association’s Emergency Relief Fund.

“While Independent Venue Week has always been a celebration of the autonomy of independently owned stages, COVID-19 has necessitated we re-frame the event. In this modified, online version we will be able to jointly showcase what makes these rooms so special, while raising funds that will go to venues and promoters staving off permanent closure,” says Rev. Moose, managing partner at Marauder, the firm that runs Independent Venue Week in the U.S., and concurrently the executive director of NIVA.


On March 12, right before venues were mandated closed across the country, Independent Venue Week invited independent venues and promoters from across the United States to discuss the global crisis. These Independent Venue Week “Town Halls” quickly led to the creation of NIVA, whose advocacy and fundraising efforts have inspired proposed federal legislation in the form of the Save Our Stages Act.

Fundraising will be at the core of this year’s event with all money raised going into the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund, a collaboration between patrons, businesses, organizations, and funders in support of a 2,800+ membership consortium of independent venues and promoters across the nation.

In conjunction with the Independent Venue Week fundraiser, the event will feature venue-curated programming, streamed daytime panel sessions, a day specifically dedicated to music business students, and much more.

“This year, Independent Venue Week is needed now more than ever to keep that spotlight shining and support the venues, promoters, crews, artists, agents and the whole ecosystem that works together to ensure live music can be around for years to come,” says Independent Venue Week founder Sybil Bell in a release.

Additional details about programming, participants and more are slated to be announced in the coming weeks.