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More Than 100 Touring Industry Professionals Unite to Form Independent Promoter Alliance

The goal of the Independent Promoter Alliance is to talk regularly about current challenges and how individual businesses plan to work through this pandemic.

Independent promoter Dave Poe of New York-based Patchwork Presents, a partnership with Ineffable Music, and co-owner of promotion company Broadberry Entertainment Group Jessica Gordon in Richmond, Virginia, have come together to form the Independent Promoter Alliance in light of COVID-19 and its dire effects on the live music industry. The goal of the newly formed group is to talk regularly about current challenges and how individual businesses plan to work through this pandemic.

“At the end of the day, Jessica and I wanted to organize something so it gives people a place to go,” Poe tells Billboard. “It is really for the promoters and talent buyers and venue owners who don’t talk to other entities and are doing it on their own. Maybe it will help them just a little bit to hear other people who are all in the same boat and what everyone is doing to weather the storm, because it is going to be rough.”


Launched last week by word of mouth, the Independent Promoter Alliance has already signed up more than 100 promoters, venue owners and talent buyers for the growing group. The alliance’s first course of action is to get indie promoters across the nation together virtually to talk through the issues they are facing and how they are navigating the coronavirus crisis.

“While it may seem from the outside that we are competing against each other, we actually talk to one another on a regular basis,” says Poe. “We don’t have a specific agenda other than listening to one another and discussing what is going on. We want to hear what everyone is going through, hear how we can help and maybe echo those fears and feelings that we all have. We want it to help us move forward the best way we possibly can.”

Immediately, the alliance is registering independent entities that want to be involved from across the United States and hopes to draw professionals from all across North America. While the group was founded in response to the current global pandemic, Poe explains that a place for independent promoters to commiserate has been in store for a long time and he hopes to see it outlast the crisis.


“Ever since I became a promoter I thought it was important for independent entities to be able to talk and discuss everything that’s going on in their business and especially at a time like this. I think we need it now more than ever,” Poe says. “If this develops into something that is more regular after the crisis passes, which we all know it will eventually, I think that can only be a good thing.”

Independent promoters, venue owners and talent buyers can register for the group here with more information to come.