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In Honor of Hispanic Heritage: The 20 Top Tropical Songs of All Time

You've danced to them and romanced to them, but what hits are the Top Tropical Songs of all time? Listen to three decades of No. 1 tracks by artists including Aventura, Juan Luis Guerra, Don Omar…

You’ve danced to them and romanced to them, but what hits are the Top Tropical Songs of all time? Whether it’s salsa, bachata, merengue or the latest fusion, Billboard has been tracking the best of tropical music since the premiere of the Tropical Songs airplay chart in 1994.

Now, as part of our continuing series celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, here are Billboard’s 20 Top Tropical Songs of all time!

20. Juan Luis Guerra, “Las Avispas”


Dominican maestro Juan Luis Guerr’s single from his 2012 album of Christian-themed music spent 10 weeks at No. 1 on the Tropical Songs chart, achieving peak popularity in August 2004. “Las Avispas” combines merengue rhythms with references to passages in the Bible.

19. Son By Four, “A Puro Dolor”

The young Puerto Rican salsa quartet became a sensation in 2000 with the huge hit “A Puro Dolor,” which spent ten weeks at No. 1. The English version, “Purest Pain,” also made inroads on pop radio.

18. Prince Royce, “Corazon Sin Cara”

Prince Royce’s attention-grabbing debut album included the hit “Corazon Sin Cara,” which reigned at No. 1 for 10 weeks in 2010.

17. Daddy Yankee, “Rompe”

Daddy Yankee, who continues breaking chart records today with “Despacito,” was at no. 1 on the Tropical chart for 11 weeks with his 2005 hit “Rompe.”

16. Celia Cruz, “Rie Y Llora”

“Rie y Llora” was the last song recorded by the great Celia Cruz for her final studio album, Regalo del Alma. The single was released in July 2003, just before her death from cancer. “Rie y Llora,” a celebration of life in song, spent 11 weeks at the Top of the Tropical Songs chart.

15. Luis Enrique, “Yo No Se Mañana”

Salsero Luis Enrique’s seize-the-day single, from his 2009 album Ciclos, stood at the top of the Tropical Songs chart for 11 weeks.

14. Marc Anthony, “Celos”

Marc Anthony displayed his “jealousy” on the Tropical Songs chart for 11 weeks. The hit “Celos” is from his 2001 album Libre.

13. Victor Manuelle, “Pero Dile”

Romantic salsa star Victor Manuelle’s love hangover “Pero Dile” spent 11 weeks as the No. 1 Tropical Song in 1999.

12. Prince Royce & Shakira, “Déjà vu”

A turn at the top of the charts may be “Déjà Vu” for hitmakers Prince Royce and Shakira, but that didn’t stop them from recording a smash together. Their recent duet spent 11 weeks at the top of Tropical Songs, peaking on April 29, 2017.

11. Marc Anthony, “Vivir Mi Vida”

Marc Anthony’s euphoric declaration of independence, released in 2013, topped the chart for 11 weeks.

10. Aventura, “Por Un Segundo”

Aventura’s 2009 single “Por un Segundo” was No. 1 on the Tropical Songs chart for way more than a second — twelve weeks to be exact.

9. India, “Seduceme”

India seduced listeners for a 12-week run at the top of the Tropical Songs chart with this 2003 track.

8. Flex, “Te Quiero”

No less than a phenomenon, Flex was virtually unknown outside of his native Panama when his romantic style conquered the Tropical Songs chart for 12 weeks in 2008.

7. Gilberto Santa Rosa, “Conteo Regresivo”

Distinguished salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa’s “Conteo Regresivo” from 2007 counted 12 weeks at the top of the Tropical chart.

6. Victor Manuelle, “Tengo Ganas”

Victor Manuelle’s heartbroken salsa ballad struck a chord with lovesick listeners. The 2004 hit spent 13 weeks at No. 1.

5. Marc Anthony, “Que Precio Tiene El Cielo”

Marc Anthony put his heart into this irresistible declaration of love, included on his 2006 greatest hits album Sigo Siendo Yo. “Que Precio Tiene El Cielo” crowned the Tropical Songs chart for 13 weeks.

4. Romeo Santos, “Propuesta Indecente”

Romeo Santos merged bachata with tango on “Propuesta Indecente,” a musical proposal that was so successful it spent was 14 weeks at No. 1 on the Tropical Songs chart, peaking in October 2013.

3. Monchy & Alexandra, “Perdidos”

The Dominican Republic’s Monchy & Alexandra were anything but lost when they recorded “Perdidos.” The 2004 bachata found its way to a spectacular 15 weeks at no. 1.

2. Aventura, “Dile Al Amor”

In this 2009 song, bachata’s king of hearts closed the door on love. But the Tropical Songs chart of course welcomed them, hosting the track in the top spot for 15 weeks.

1. Don Omar & Lucenzo, “Danza Kuduro”

Don Omar’s infectious dance fusion smash spread like fire to dance clubs and Zumba classes alike. “Danza Kuduro” remained at No. 1 for a record 18 weeks, first peaking in November 2010.

The Top 20 Tropical Songs list is ranked based on peak positions on the Tropical Songs airplay chart from the ranking’s first chart week on Oct. 8, 1994 to the Sept. 23, 2017-dated chart. For songs with the same number of weeks at No. 1, we then ranked them by most weeks in the top 10, then most total weeks on the chart.

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