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iHeartRadio Partners With ART19 for Enhanced Podcasting Tools

Skipping ads. Every podcast listener is (likely) guilty of it, to the dismay of publishers and advertisers looking for the right audience. If you're Joe Podcaster on iTunes, you gather your download stats and go scouting for hungry marketers. If you're California-based podcast hosting, monetization and distribution startup ART19, however, you partner with iHeartRadio to create a whole new API.

The two companies announced this morning a new partnership that will provide ART19 podcast publishers on iHeart with more detailed insights around listener habits — like when users start, stop and skip during any given episode — and other valuable data including listener impressions for specific ads. iHeart and ART19 said the new insights will help podcasters better monetize their content, since they'll be able to go to advertisers with data on ad listens, not just episode downloads.

ART19 podcasts are now available to stream on iHeartRadio. Creators in the ART19 client list include Wondery (Hollywood & Crime, Sword & Scale), DGital Media (Pod Save America, Recode Decode), the New York Times (Modern Love, Popcast) and Vox (The Weeds), among others. "This is a big step for the podcasting industry," said Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez in a statement. "Together, iHeartRadio’s massive reach and ART19’s unique technology are going to give us a wealth of new data illuminating how powerful the medium is for advertisers."

Chris Peterson, iHeartRadio's senior vp of podcasting, said the lack of ad measuring options is one of the big issues facing the podcast industry. "With iHeartRadio's extensive pool of listener data and ART19’s distribution technology, we will be the first platform to provide podcasters with detailed analytics, he said. "Together, we're excited to implement a new robust ad-tech solution that is sure to drive the growth of the podcast industry."

ART19 co-founder and CEO Sean Carr added, "60 million people are listening to podcasts in America now. It’s a huge market and a wildly effective advertising medium. By offering better data to the podcasting industry, monetization will catch up with audience scale, and that will be good for everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats."

iHeartRadio hosts podcasts on both its mobile and desktop platforms. The radio giant recently rolled out two new subscription services, iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access, which they envision as a way to introduce radio devotees to the world of on-demand streaming.