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Iggy Azalea Tour Cancellation Explained by AEG’s Debra Rathwell & CAA’s Cara Lewis: Exclusive

Now that Iggy Azalea has explained, to Seventeen, that a "different creative change of heart" was the main cause of her cancellation of her 2015 Great Escape arena tour, more details have emerged…

Now that Iggy Azalea has explained that a “creative change of heart” was the main cause of canceling her 2015 Great Escape arena tour, more details have emerged from promoter AEG Live and Azalea’s booking agency, CAA.

As Azalea outlined to Seventeen, replacing original openers Nick Jonas and Tinashe after re-scheduling a planned spring arena run proved to be a major hurtle for the fall dates. “I began the search, and to be honest, I never found someone who was available on those dates that I thought was a good fit for the tour,” Azalea said.

Iggy Azalea Explains Why She Escaped Her Great Escape Tour

Because of that, AEG Live never put its full marketing support behind the tour, the company’s senior VP Debra Rathwell tells Billboard. “As we were not able to fill the support slots on the tour in the fall, due to so many artists already having commitments and working this summer, we had not advertised or promoted the new shows since last winter,” she says.

Still, Rathwell adds, “The dates were selling well and were going to do fine,” despite multiple sources who shared figures with Billboard suggesting that certain dates were only 20 percent sold. CAA and AEG stood by Azalea’s creative decision to take a break and did not explore a move to smaller venues — “there was no reason to do so,” Rathwell adds.

Iggy Azalea Confirms Great Escape Tour Cancellation

Even before the tour was officially canceled, CAA agent Cara Lewis says, “The lines of communication between Iggy, myself, and her [Turn First] managers Sarah [Stennett] and Nadia [Khan] have always been open. Iggy is an incredibly talented and creative artist with a clear vision, which she continuously shares with myself and her management team.”

After Azalea takes some time off this summer, production will resume on her sophomore album, which she announced would arrive in 2016. And once she’s ready for a proper live return, Rathwell says, AEG will be a part of it. “Iggy is a star and a great performer. I’ve met her and spent some time with her and she is a really smart, interesting young woman. As I’ve already said, AEG LIVE is committed to her and will be working with her on her new tour.”

And in happier Azalea news, the rapper confirmed — and flaunted — her engagement to boyfriend Nick Young earlier this week.