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Hyorin Earns 2014’s Longest-Running K-Pop No. 1, B.A.P Enters Heatseekers Albums

K-pop chart highlights from the K-Pop Hot 100 and beyond featuring PSY, SISTAR's Hyorin, B.A.P, Soyu, Junggigo, Ga In, TVXQ!, Rain, 2NE1 and more

SISTAR leader Hyorin leads the K-Pop Hot 100 for a third week with her soundtrack ballad “Goodbye.” Three weeks atop the K-Pop chart makes “Goodbye” the longest-running No. 1 on the chart in 2014 so far; before this week, the airy ballad had tied IU’s “Friday” for the longest-running K-Pop chart topper of 2014 with two weeks each. 

“Goodbye” also breaks the record for longest-running solo No. 1 between the SISTAR members. Before “Goodbye,” SISTAR vocalist Soyu had spent two weeks atop the chart with “Stupid in Love,” featuring Mad Clown, when it hit the top slot in late 2013. (Read on for info about Soyu’s latest chart entry)


Hyorin’s ballad is lifted from the Korean drama “My Love From the Star,” which continues to see its ratings grow in South Korea. If its popularity can propel “Goodbye” to fourth week atop the chart, it will tie the longest chart reigns by both SISTAR’s “Alone” and Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer,” which both have four weeks at No. 1.  

Male vocalist Huh Gak also contributed to the “My Love From the Star” soundtrack with moving ballad “Tears Like Today.” It makes the Hot Shot Debut at No. 2 this week. The track is the sixth official single released from the TV show’s hit soundtrack. Like Hyorin’s “Goodbye” video, the accompanying visual is a montage of scenes lifted from “My Love From the Star.”

The first single released off the “My Love From the Star” soundtrack, Lyn’s “My Destiny,” falls from No. 4 to No. 6 after seven weeks on the chart.

While her fellow SISTAR member rules the chart, Soyu earns another hit on the K-Pop Hot 100 via a new collaboration with male singer Junggigo, “Some.”

The duet is a synthy R&B/pop track that sees the two singers trading off lyrics about the awkward point of sort of being and sort of not being in a relationship. It begins its chart run at No. 3. 

Last week, Ga In saw her buzz track “Fxxk U” blocked by Hyorin for the No. 1 slot. This week, “Fxxk U” slips to No. 5 while official single “Truth or Dare” debuts at No. 7. The result is surprising given that due to the former song’s explicit nature, Ga In can’t promote it on TV.

Watch a live performance of the single Ga In can perform with a live rendition from K-pop music chart program “Music Core.”

Elsewhere on the chart, boy band B.A.P sees its new single “1004 (Angel)” rise to No. 21 from last week’s No. 37.

“1004 (Angel)” is lifted off the group’s first full-length album “First Sensibility.” The LP debuts at No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart, the third chart topper for the boys. It follows March’s “One Shot” EP and August’s “Badman” EP, both of which hit No. 1 on the chart in 2013.

“First Sensibility” also ranks at No. 13 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album chart, a ranking of the albums by “new or developing acts, defined as those who have never appeared on the top 100 of the Billboard 200.” A slot on the chart means a Billboard 200 entry — rare for K-pop acts who sing in Korean and only release digital copies — isn’t too far off. Top-tier acts like like Girls’ Generation, BIGBANG and f(x) have all appeared on the chart too, seeming to indicate B.A.P’s growing American fanbase.

Watch B.A.P bring its new single to life with a performance on K-pop chart music program “Inkigayo” below.

K-Pop on Other Billboard Charts: 
Heatseekers Albums: B.A.P’s “First Sensibility” debuts at No. 13.
World Albums: B.A.P’s “First Sensibility” debuts at No. 1
Japan Hot 100: TVXQ!’s “Hide & Seek” (below) debuts at No. 2.
World Digital Songs (Highlights – Full Chart Available to Subscribers): B.A.P’s “1004 (Angel)” debuts at No. 4 while “Save Me” debuts at No. 21. PSY’s “Gentleman” rises from No. 6 from No. 7 after 44 weeks on the chart. 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” falls to No. 9 from No. 3. Rain’s “30 Sexy” re-enters the chart at No. 24 for its third non-consecutive week on the chart.