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Hot 100 55th Anniversary: Watch Chubby Checker ‘Twist,’ Talk Song’s No. 1 History

In a video Q&A at Billboard HQ, Chubby Checker gives a "Twist" dance lesson, talks about the song topping the Hot 100 55th Anniversary All-Time Top 100 Songs list, and what sexuality has to do with…

“The way we dance on the dance floor is because of this song,” Chubby Checker told Billboard’s cameras, discussing his tune “The Twist” capturing the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 55th Anniversary All-Time Top 100 Songs list, revealed today (August 2). At Billboard’s New York headquarters, Checker hopped out of his chair to do “The Twist” and demonstrate how it’s been adopted and adapted by every musical generation since it hit No. 1 the week of Sept. 24, 1960.

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“The Twist” is the only title to top the Hot 100 in two separate chart cycles (thanks to its, and its renowned dance’s, renewed pop culture buzz in 1962). The song was also No. 1 for the weeks of Jan. 13 and 20, 1962. “What ‘The Twist’ gave us was, you’re dancing in front of her… she’s dancing in front of you… You had a chance to exploit your sexuality while being fully dressed,” Checker explained. “Before, that wasn’t happening in music. And, we’ve been doing the same thing ever since.”

But while Checker is proud of “The Twist,” he also remains a regular live performer and has recently released new single “Changes,” which is approaching the Adult Contemporary chart. “As long as you’re old enough to understand what’s wrong and what’s right in your life, that’s what this song represents,” says Checker.