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New Hip-Hop Podcast ‘Here Comes the Break’ to Shine Spotlight on Emerging Def Jam Artists

Podcast company Double Elvis Productions has partnered with iHeartMedia to release Here Comes the Break, a serialized hip-hop music podcast that will introduce listeners to emerging Def Jam…

Podcast company Double Elvis Productions has partnered with iHeartMedia to release Here Comes the Break, a serialized hip-hop music podcast executive produced by Def Jam Recordings that will introduce listeners to emerging artists on the label’s roster.

Available on iHeartRadio and other podcast platforms early next year, Here Comes the Break is described as “a groundbreaking podcast about self-identity, family, and friendships” that “aims to entertain, while raising awareness about mental health to its listeners.” It will be distributed via the iHeartPodcast Network.


Perhaps most notable about Here Comes the Break is its fusion of a fictional scripted narrative with real artist interviews and exclusive music releases. The fictional framing device will follow teenage hip-hop fan Ruben, who struggles “with family pressure and anxiety issues” while growing up in the suburbs of New York City. After anonymously starting a podcast with friends that goes viral, he finds his voice as a host and interviewer for emerging hip-hop artists.

Each of the series’ ten episodes, airing weekly this winter, will feature an interview with one Def Jam artist and exclusively premiere one of their songs. It will additionally break a song from one independent act, with a surprise contribution from “an iconic Def Jam artist.” A full soundtrack for the series will be subsequently released by Def Jam.

“We are excited to embark on this pioneering partnership with Double Elvis and iHeart,” said Rich Isaacson, GM and executive vp of Def Jam Recordings. “Their groundbreaking take on the scripted podcast space has proven itself to be an amazing platform for discovery and exposure to new music in unexpected ways. At Def Jam, we try to embrace innovative, creative new paths toward extending our brand footprint and most importantly breaking our artists. Our roster of dynamic, fresh new artists is a perfect fit for this story.”


Led by Brady Sadler and Disgraceland creator Jake Brennan, Double Elvis is also the company behind Dear Young Rocker, a first-person coming of age podcast created by Chelsea Ursin that centers on the struggles of young adulthood, mental health and the power of music. Sadler notes that Dear Young Rocker‘s success was a catalyst for Here Comes the Break.

“We were blown away by the response to Dear Young Rocker and realized there was a need for more youth-oriented music podcasts that were both entertaining and tackled important issues,” said Sadler in a statement. “With Here Comes The Break, we want to provide a platform for young artists to share their talents and stories, and draw in listeners with a unique mix of original music, artist interviews and fictionalized storytelling.”

“iHeart is passionate about music discovery and artist development, as it’s the lifeblood of our company,” said Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast Network. “We have the ability to help expose up-and-coming talent and build massive awareness of new music, and are recognized for our successful artist programs like On the Verge and others. We work closely with music labels and artists on a number of initiatives for music discovery and we knew immediately that Here Comes The Break would be a perfect fit for the iHeartPodcast Network. We’re excited to join forces with Double Elvis and Def Jam to help emerging artists tell their stories and reach new fans through this incredible new concept that we think pushes the edge of this medium, blending fiction with music with podcasting in a very cool new way.”


“We believe in musicians, and they are at the core of all our content,” added Sadler. “This partnership with iHeartRadio and Def Jam supports our commitment to creative, music-driven storytelling and provides a unique opportunity to further our experiments at the intersection of music and podcasting.”

Here Comes the Break is being described as “the first of many” new Double Elvis projects designed to launch artists through podcasts.

To learn more about Here Comes the Break, and for upcoming casting and artist announcements, visit Double Elvis’ Instagram page.