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Patrick Moxey’s New Helix Records to Onboard Entire Roster to Web3

The Ultra Records founder will launch an NFT membership pass for his new label.

Patrick Moxey is bringing the entire roster of Helix Records, the EDM label he launched last year after selling his stake in Ultra Records, into the world of Web3 — starting with an NFT membership pass.

Starting in February, the Helix Records Genesis Pass will act as a digital passport to the Helix ecosystem and grant holders a free music NFT from one of the roster’s flagship artists, which includes electronic duo Snakehips and house DJ Marshall Jefferson. Later in 2023, NFT holders will get the chance to access VIP tickets, backstage passes and submit music directly to the label for feedback. One holder will win a one-on-one conversation with Moxey.

Moxey — who played a key role in the success of Avicii, Kygo, deadmau5 and David Guetta at Ultra Records — aims to make Web3 and NFTs a foundational part of the new venture.

“I hope to make a company that’s much bigger than my last company within the next five years,” he said. “We really plan on making NFTs open a whole new door for you [the fan] that go way beyond the door that was available through the traditional record business.”


Helix Records will onboard its entire roster of electronic artists into Web3 and support them through the transition to NFTs and blockchain technology. The label believes this strategy will build a closer connection between artists and fans, and potentially enable supporters to benefit from the future success of their favorite acts. The label also hopes that NFTs will give them better insights into their artists’ fan bases, allowing them to identify and connect with the biggest and most active community members.

To power the label’s Web3 activations, Helix Records has partnered with FUEL — a software platform that enables artists and labels to build their own NFT storefront and control their branding. Billed as “Shopify for NFTs,” musicians have used the software to sell concert tickets, singles and collectibles to Web3 and Web2 fans.

“We are super happy to add Helix Records to our roster of musicians,” said FUEL founder Thanh Binh Tran. “Seeing pioneers like Patrick use our software gives us a glance at the future of music NFTs.”


While the Web3 hype has mostly died down since the dizzying NFT sales of 2021 and early 2022, artists and labels still see some promise in blockchain technology.

“Any way of making money for a musician is a blessing, because there are so few possibilities left,” said Marshall Jefferson, house DJ pioneer and one of the flagship artists on Moxey’s new label group. “An open area like this where your music actually has value and you can make a living is an area worth exploring.”

The Helix Record Genesis collection will launch in February. The final date and details on supply and pricing will be announced shortly.