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Semmel Concerts Postpones Hans Zimmer European Tour to 2022

German promoter Semmel Concerts has postponed a 24-date European tour for Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer from 2021 to early 2022 due to Covid-19.

In a further sign of the growing concern that the COVID-19 pandemic will impact Europe’s live music business deep into next year, Semmel Concerts has postponed a 24-date European tour for Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer from early 2021 to early 2022.

The tour, which was to begin in February, will now begin on Feb. 13 of 2022 in Prague and finish in Vienna on April 12. Zimmer and his Hans Zimmer Live band, orchestra and choir, are scheduled to perform in 12 countries, including Germany, Belgium, France and the U.K.

The Berlin-based promoter blamed a patchwork of local and national regulations across the continent, saying “it is currently not possible to implement a logistically reasonable solution to the planned European live tour route starting in February 2021, due to the different health and safety guidelines in all the countries and cities worldwide.”

Zimmer, in a statement, said “we are all convinced that this is the only way to offer you, as well as us, a great and safe live tour for everyone.”


Germany, like other European countries, has suffered a fresh wave of COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks that have led to new lockdown measures and the cancelation or postponement of dozens more shows. In recent days there has been an accelerated increase of transmissions. Since the beginning of September, the proportion of cases in older age groups has been on the rise again, according to the Robert Koch Institute, the German equivalent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of Oct. 19, Germany had more than 366,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and more than 9,780 deaths.

German promoters have been forced to move more than 150,000 music shows from 2020 to 2021, Dieter Semmelmann, the CEO of Semmel Concerts, tells Billboard. Semmel alone has pushed about 1,500 shows into 2021, representing nearly two million tickets, he says.


In the case of the Zimmer tour, Semmelmann says the rash of new virus cases has changed his calculus about promoters’ ability to re-start the live scene next year.

“I don’t see that, especially in the first half of next year, we can do tours through Europe — probably through Germany, but not through Europe,” he says.

German-born Zimmer has scored more than 200 projects, including Broadway shows and blockbuster films like Gladiator and the Dark Knight trilogy, which have brought in more than $28 billion in worldwide box office, Semmel says. Earlier this year, Zimmer was tapped to compose the score for the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die.

Semmel Concerts Postpones Hans Zimmer European
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