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Hannah Donovan Named Vine General Manager

This is My Jam co-founder Hannah Donovan has been named Vine's general manager.

This Is My Jam co-founder Hannah Donovan was named Vine’s general manager on Tuesday (March 29). The product and design leader who has worked at the MTV-backed technology studio Ripcord and as design director at Last.fm will take on her latest challenge beginning in May.

Donovan’s most recent job was at Drip, a fan-club-type subscription service. She takes on the new position at Twitter’s six-second video app following January’s surprise exodus of a handful of Twitter executives. After a long streak of upward momentum, Twitter’s growth has leveled off dramatically in the past 18 months. Vine’s focus on finding and promoting video stars with large followings has caught the attention of a number of players in Hollywood eager to capitalize on the amateur performers’ fervent fans.


The company is hoping to tap into Donovan’s experience in product and design leadership, as well as her background in the music and entertainment businesses to help the mobile app focus on the stories being told by its users.