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Hackers Force Radio Stations Across the Country to Play YG’s ‘F— Donald Trump’ on Repeat

YG's anti-Donald Trump protest song has been on repeat on several radio stations across the country, due to an apparent widespread hack.

YG and Nipsey Hu$$le made a big splash last year with their explicitly clear track “F— Donald Trump” (also the name of YG’s subsequent national tour), which has since become a rallying cry of sorts for anti-Trump hip-hop fans across the country. But according to several reports and social media posts, hackers are now taking that sentiment to airwaves across the country.

According to a Facebook post from Salem, S.C. radio station Sunny 107.9 WFBS, someone was able to take control of the station’s signal Monday night (Jan. 30) and replaced its usual fare (“classic hits of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s, plus the very best in Carolina Beach Music”) with YG’s anti-Trump track, which played on repeat for 20 minutes, according to a news segment by local television station WYFF News 4.


“They ran from about 7:25 last night until about 7:45, which I then had to turn the radio station completely off in order to be able to stop the system and stop what you were able to hear over the air,” Jeff Bright, who runs WFBS out of his South Carolina home, told WYFF. “[Listeners] have been pretty positive. They understand that this was not our fault, we didn’t have any control over this.”

Bright’s South Carolina station isn’t the only one that’s been dealing with hackers: a report from RadioInsight identified stations in Louisville, Ky.; Nashville; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; San Angelo, Texas; and Evansville, Ind. as also being affected by the hack. (All five states with radio stations that have been hacked voted red in the 2016 election, incidentally or not.) All are believed to have been hacked using the same device.

Additionally, a Seattle pirate radio station has reportedly been playing the song on repeat for a week, though that appears to have been intentional. And another report from Mooresville, N.C. (North Carolina also voted Trump in the 2016 election) said a local cable television channel had its audio feed hacked and was playing the song for about 30 minutes last week, prompting the station to shut down its audio feed.

A rep for YG declined to comment. Check out the song below.