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New Google Feature Lets Artists Post Messages to Search Results

Google has launched a new way for artists to communicate directly with fans. Starting today, artists can post videos, GIFs, images and good old-fashioned text to a prominent space inside their search results' "Knowledge Panel," the blocked-off area containing photos, a bio and links to areas like YouTube and Spotify.

Artists can control the customized content — which is akin to Spotify's "Artist's Pick" box — once they become verified using a dedicated site by Google. Fans will be able to tell if the updates are legit by the blue checkmark next to the artist's name.

For "Sia" results, right below her Wikipedia-provided personal details, fans now see a pair of Tweet-like messages from team Sia, one touting her "Helium" remix with David Guetta and Afrojack, and a plug for her "Make Google do it" commercial.


"Google and YouTube's goal is to support and empower artists across the board," said Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at YouTube. "Giving artists the ability to manage how they show up on Google when fans are searching for information is critical, so I'm really pleased to see this new feature be made available to artists worldwide."

New Google Feature Lets Artists Post