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Classic K-Pop Band g.o.d Returns After 10-Year Hiatus to Top K-Pop Hot 100

Veteran K-pop boy band g.o.d reunited to commemorate their 15-year anniversary with the single "The Lone Duckling," which is No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100. Get the must know history about the veteran…

In commemoration of their 15th-year anniversary, g.o.d — one of the greatest and most famous K-pop boy bands of all time — reunited as a complete group for the first time in nearly 10 years and returned with its epically anticipated, comeback single “The Lone Duckling.”

The soaring piano-groove track utilizes classic boy band harmonies with modern-day electronic elements for a hit that boasts a hint of nostalgia for old-school fans. The guys’ rap flow and belting styles have proven intact, able to compete with the other top male acts of today.

g.o.d disbanded in 2005 after member Yoon Kye Sang departed the group at the height of their fame to pursue his solo acting career in 2004, pushing the rest of the group to break up a year after. But the outfit proved their unfading supremacy with this comeback track by debuting at No. 1 on K-pop Hot 100, edging out K-pop’s hottest commodity EXO, as well as competition from R&B chart-topper Junggigo and ballad queen Baek Ji Young’s quest to snatch the coveted spot. 

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g.o.d – an acronym for “groove over dose” – first appeared in the music scene with its hip-hop ballad “To My Mother” under JYP Entertainment (Wonder Girls, 2PM, miss A, 2AM) in 1999.

The song, which told a heart-ripping story about a boy growing up under a poor mother, was showered with critical acclaim, but failed to make an impact among at-the-time K-pop sensations like H.O.T. and Sechs Kies.

Their time came around when the group agreed to appear on one of Korea’s first reality show programs called, “Hello Baby.” The TV series showcased the group’s non-threatening demeanor and boy-next-door charms helping the group capture fans by the masses. Soon after, g.o.d exploded with the release of “Sorrow,” and their album “Chapter 3,” which confirmed them as the reigning boy band.

The five-piece scored a string of hits, becoming one of the very few of K-pop’s million sellers. g.o.d managed to sweep the Artist of the Year award on all three major music award ceremonies in South Korea at that time and enjoyed phenomenal popularity, embodying the early ’00s K-pop explosion.

g.o.d also unveiled the teaser to their upcoming concert, “15th Anniversary Reunion Concert,” much to their loyal fans’ delight. The concert will take place on July 12 to the 13 in Seoul.

(Additional reporting by Jeff Benjamin)