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Gigwell Purchases Two Assets From Jamplify

San Franciso-based Gigwell, a management platform for booking agencies, today has announced the acquisition of Jamplify’s Ticket Counts Pro and Live Intel products. The deal brings Gigwell a suite of tools for its long list of clients that include Marc Anthony's Magnus Media, Universal Attractions Agency, Wu Music Group & Wu-Tours Inc, Paquin Artists and many more.

“Gigwell is thrilled to offer Jamplify’s data and analytics tools to the over 300 agencies that currently use our industry-best booking management platform,” says Jeremie Habib, CEO of Gigwell in a statement to Billboard. “We are also excited to welcome Jamplify’s clients to the Gigwell community. Many have already expressed excitement at having the Jamplify analytics suite integrated with a first-class booking system like Gigwell’s."

Jamplify’s Ticket Counts Pro service collects ticket sales data from thousands of venues around the world for the seamless reporting of sales data to agencies and their clients. Live Inte leverages the large network of venues to help agents find the best bookings for their clients by coupling this comprehensive venue database with map-based search functionality. 

"Gigwell represents the best in software in the live events business, and we could not be more excited for the future of our platform under their stewardship," says Andy Pickens, CEO of Jamplify tells Billboard in a statement. "Over the years, we have been at the forefront of bringing data and analytics to agents and their managers. Pairing our analytics offering with Gigwell's management console will deepen the level of analytics we can provide booking agencies and will broaden the use of data-driven decision-making across the live business."

Gigwell was founded in 2013 has booked over 50,000 gigs for DJ’s, musicians, comedians and public speakers and its founders are alumni of the Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y-Combinator. Jamplify was founded in 2012 in New York by Andy Pickens, Matt Roman, and Moses Soyoola, Jamplify and was named MIDEM Top Startup for 2013 and Canadian Music Week’s Top Startup for 2013.