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German Industry Moves: Steffen Müller Out at Warner Music; Stefan Goebel Leaves Sony After 19 Years

Steffen Müller is leaving his position as Managing Director at Warner Music Entertainment Central Europe in Hamburg to take over new tasks.

The executive turntable is spinning once again in the German music biz.

Steffen Müller is leaving his position as Managing Director at Warner Music Central Europe in Hamburg to take over new tasks. Steffen Müller joined Warner Music in 2009 and since then has been responsible for the unit’s mainstream repertoire, compilations, licensing, classic & jazz, merchandising, brand partnership and media divisions. During this period he and his team have achieved a lot of success, including six Echo awards for the veteran rock-singer Udo Lindenberg, two gold certifications for the late pianist Roger Cicero and a platinum award for Pink Floyds’ album Endless River.

Bernd Dopp, Chairman & CEO Warner Music Central Europe said to Billboard: “I very much regret that with Steffen Müller Warner Music will lose a top executive and specific team player who has very much contributed to the success and enormous growth of our company these past years. As honorary member and representative in the chart and marketing committee, Steffen Müller has engaged himself with great success to act for the interests of our industry and Warner Music in particular. I speak for everyone at Warner Music when I thank him for his hard work and extraordinary service to this company so far. We wish him all the best, good luck and success for his further career and challenges.”


Müller will continue to represent Warner Music within the Echo award board and the chart and marketing committee of the German music industry until the Echo Awards Ceremony on April 12th, 2018.

Stefan Goebel is out as senior vp International Sony Music GSA after 19 years. His departure comes close on the heals of the arrivals of Daniel Lieberberg as president Continental Europe and Africa and Patrick Mushatsi–Kareba as CEO of the Sony GSA region.

Sebastian Hornik has also left Sony Music after more than ten years as director of corporate communication. “After an exciting and successful decade it is time for me for a professional reorientation”, said Hornik, chief of the computer communication of Sony Music for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Munich. “It has been inspiring years in a decade of transformation of the music-industry. The communicative tension was from “the decline of the business also has to be communicated professionally” to “rise of the phoenix from the digital ashes”, said Hornik to Billboard. Hornik thanked the new CEO Patrick Mushatsi-Kareba and the whole Sony Music team.

Jens Markus Wegener, managing director of Imagem in Berlin, left the company following the sale of the publishing company to Concord Music. Wegener started as a consultant for the publishing firm Meisel in Berlin. He said that he wants to handle Meisel’s successful catalogue for the global publishing. As part of the move, Wegener is bringing his own successful company AMV (Alster Musikverlag).