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Gary’s R-Rated ‘Shower’ Rules K-Pop Hot 100

Chart highlights from the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 and beyond featuring Gary, B1A4, PSY, Girl's Day, TVXQ! and more.

Gary, one half of popular hip-hop duo Leessang, released his massively-anticipated solo EP, “MR. GAE” (which translates to “Mr. Dog” in English), on Jan. 15 and has placed all four tracks onto the chart this week. The two lead singles, “Some Occasional Showers” and “Zotta Molla,” land in the top 10 with the former at No. 1 and the latter at No. 10. Meanwhile, “Drunken Night Tune” comes in at No. 15 and “Mr. Gae” lands at No. 21. 

A look at the videos for this week’s top two tracks — Gary’s “Some Occasional Showers” and “Something” by Girl’s Day — prove that sex is selling, regardless of public reception is. 


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Despite being banned from all major TV stations in Korea, Gary’s raunchy track featuring up-and-coming vocalist Crush (signed to Amoeba Culture, home to Dynamic Duo and Simon D) takes the K-Pop chart throne. The melodic, hip-hop track where Gary raps about making love on a couple’s most sacred space, aka the bed, was stamped too explicit in South Korea, receiving an R rating. 

The song was written by the artist himself and composed by GREY (an artist under K-pop sensation Jay Park’s new independent label, AOMG). The steamy music video, which was also highly-criticized for its sexual content, has brought in 1.5 million views since its release.

Girl’s Day proves it’s still riding high even in its third week of promotion. The disco-inspired piece “Something” leaps to No. 2 from No. 5 this week.

The girl group’s popularity skyrocketed since the quintet shed its cutesy, girl-next-door image in 2013 with hit singles “Expectation” and “Female President.” Girl’s Day has been capturing masses with revealing dresses, sultry makeup and sexy choreography throughout the “Something” promotions. The quintet recently released a dance-only version of the “Something” video. Watch below as the girls perform the now-signature move, in which they slither and writhe on the floor.

Boy band B1A4 nabs its first Top 10 entry on the K-Pop Hot 100 with “Lonely” soaring 12 spots to No. 7. The synth ballad now establishes the quintet among other top male acts. Despite the song’s somber subject, the boys brought lively, in-sync choreopgrahy for their comeback performance on K-pop chart music program “Music Core.” Watch it below.

“Lonely” leads the guys’ sophomore full-length album “Who Am I,” which is feeling the love from overseas fans too. The LP is the highest-charting Korean entry and the Hot Shot Debut on Billboard’s World Albums chart, crashing in at No. 7. Meanwhile, the lead single is No. 10 on the World Digital Songs chart. More info is below in our wrap-up of K-pop on other Billboard charts below.

K-Pop on Other Billboard Charts:
World Albums: B1A4’s “Who Am I” is the Hot Shot Debut at No. 7.
World Digital Songs (Highlights – Full Chart Available to Billboard Subscribers): PSY’s “Gangnam Style” is the biggest-selling K-pop song this week at No. 2. B1A4’s “Lonely” debuts at No. 10. Meanwhile TVXQ!’s “Something” slips from No. 5 to No. 12 while “Something” by Girl’s Day falls to No. 15 from No. 10.