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Fuerza Regida Signs With Sony Music Latin Via Rancho Humilde Records

"Fuerza Regida represents a new generation of Mexican music," said Sony Music U.S. Latin president Alex Gallardo.

Fuerza Regida has signed a record deal with Sony Music Latin through a partnership with Rancho Humilde Records, the label tells Billboard.

The San Bernardino-based band — composed of Jesús Ortiz Paz a.k.a. JOP (lead singer), José García (tuba), Samuel Jaimez (requinto), Khrystian Ramos (guitar) and Moisés López (tololoche) — officially became a group in March 2015, starting off as a local cover band who added East L.A. flavor to their music. They have since helped push forward the urban corrido movement with their raw penmanship about street life and edgy fusions inspired by Adriel Camacho, Hijos de Barron and Metallica. Their name derives from the words “strength” and “govern.”

“We feel very good because by signing with Sony Music Latin, this partnership will allow us to do bigger things,” Fuerza Regida’s JOP said in a statement. “To be able to count on the support of a company of this caliber is incredible and a great opportunity. We are very happy to start this new chapter. Pura Fuerza Regida!”


On the Billboard charts, the Mexican-American group has placed 11 entries on Hot Latin Songs, five entries on Latin Airplay, seven entries on Regional Mexican Airplay, five entries on Top Latin Albums and six entries on Regional Mexican Albums, including two No. 1s: Del Barrio Hasta Aqui (2019) and Aqui (2020).

“Fuerza Regida represents the future of music,” noted a Rancho Humilde Records spokesperson. “Their perfect mix of traditional sounds and contemporary lyrics make them unique in their genre. It is an honor to be able to share their music with the world through a multinational label such as Sony. The best is yet to come!”

Sony Music US Latin’s president, Alex Gallardo, added: “Fuerza Regida represents a new generation of Mexican music. Adding them to our roster of artists, only continues our mission to push the future of music forward. We are excited to see where we go with the group.”

Up next, Fuerza Regida will become the first urban Mexican music group to perform as part of the Made in America festival lineup set for Sept. 3 and 4 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Fuerza Regida
Roque Venegas [CFO, Rancho Humilde Records,] Luis López [Manager, Fuerza Regida,] Jose “JB” Becerra [Partner & Co-Founder, Rancho Humilde Records,] Txema Rosique [VP, A&R Sony Music US Latin,] Alex Gallardo [President, Sony Music US Latin,] Jesús Ortiz Paz “JOP” [Lead vocalist, Fuerza Regida,] Jimmy Humilde, [CEO, Rancho Humilde Records,] Khrystian Ramos [guitarist, Fuerza Regida,] ), Samuel Jaimez [requinto, Fuerza Regida,] José García [tuba, Fuerza Regida,] and Moisés Lopez [tololoche, Fuerza Regida.] SONY MUSIC LATIN/ALESSANDRO MARTINO